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29+ Best Dating Sites And Apps In the UK 2023 – Perfect For You

Reviewed by: Kirstie Taylor
Fact checked by: Ashley Pariseau

Best Dating Sites In The UK

Are you looking for the best dating sites in the UK? Read to know more. Everyone has their perceptions regarding dating and relationships. While one could be wanting to be in a genuine and serious relationship, the other might just want a partner for casual hookups. Not only this, society has advanced enough to look for gay and lesbian dating sites. 

Considering the same, to cater to the requirements of every person whether old or young, single or married, straight or bisexual, we are here with some of the best dating sites in the UK. While some dating sites are free to access, others demand we go through them.

3 Best Dating Sites For Older People

Love can never be bounded by the restrictions of age or sexual orientation. Therefore, there are some exceptionally good and reliable dating sites for older people even if they are new to the world of dating.

1. SilverSingles

Best Dating Sites In The UK


  • The 50+ dating site to meet singles near you
  • SilverSingles has a focus on dating over 50

Most profiles created on SilverSingles are of people who are in their 60s and looking for a serious and mature relationship. There is no entertainment for casual dating or hookups on this platform. People on SilverSingles are mostly educated and willing to be in a relationship. 

Also, SilverSingles has a huge base of profiles with different kinds of people. There is good versatility based on age, gender, religion, sexual orientation, and location. With enough diversity, it is easy to find a suitable match. You need to mention your preferences while creating your profile. 


  • Mature and serious matches.
  • Fewer chances of catfishing. 
  • Versatile profiles.


  • Mostly preferable for people in their 60s.

2. eharmony

Best Dating Sites In The UK


  • eharmony is the first platform to use a proprietary matching system
  • Match you with highly compatible singles

Existing as the most reputed and widely used dating platform, eharmony has successfully made more than 70 percent of matches. It has a huge base of profiles having different likes and preferences of a partner. Hence, nearly everyone is expected to find a suitable match on eharmony. 


  • 70 percent success rate in matchmaking. 
  • Legit and genuine profiles.
  • Older people can easily find a match.


  • Membership is quite expensive.

3. SeniorFriendsDate

Best Dating Sites In The UK


  • Welcome to SeniorFriendsDate
  • The Totally Free Seniors Dating Site

Just invest a few minutes of yours to create a profile on SeniorFriendsDate and you will benefit from meeting people around you. This dating platform allows local individuals to meet and interact with one another. 

The platform is free to use and so you are saved from all kinds of fraud. Featured singles are shown on the right side of your screen. You can match with the one you like and begin a conversation easily. You can also see the activity status of people easily.


  • Registration is simple and easy.
  • Good for making friends.
  • Free to use.


  • Not much secured.

3 Best Dating Sites For LGBTQ+ Community

The LGBTQ community has gathered support from people of other sexualities and so many dating sites have emerged as the ones supporting the LGBTQ+ community in the UK.

1. Taimi

Best Dating Sites In The UK


  • Taimi to find partners for hooking up
  • Taimi is made up of mostly younger members

Taimi claims itself as one of the most supportive dating platforms for the LGBTQ+ community. It has 8 million profiles as of now and new profiles are added timely. Taimi is open to all kinds of sexualities and people of different sexual orientations without any biases. 

No matter if you are non-binary, queer, or transgender, you are likely to find a loving and suitable partner quite effectively on Taimi. Moreover, Taimi gives support to both serious and casual relationships. Taimi also serves as a social networking platform as it allows you to create and send posts.


  • Several profiles to choose from.
  • Versatile and non-judgmental. 
  • Easy signup process.


  • Taimi can crash sometimes. 

2. EliteSingles

Best Dating Sites In The UK


  • With singles right across the US
  • EliteSingles is an international dating platform

EliteSingles is mostly for an educated and intellectual community that is far apart from the trend of casual dating and hookups. On EliteSingles, people are truly in search of a good partner. The platform is safe and secure to use and it gives complete support to the LGBTQ+ community. So, you can easily find a partner. 


  • Registration is easily done.
  • Profiles are genuine and trustworthy. 
  • Like-minded and open-minded people.


  • You are required to pay for the membership. 

3. Grindr

Best Dating Sites In The UK


  • Grindr is the world’s largest social networking app for gay
  • Grindr, the popular gay dating app

No doubt Grindr is specifically designed and created for the LGBTQ+ community that otherwise finds it difficult to find a match, but Grindr is only focused on sex and so people and profiles on this dating site are only there for hookups. 

Grindr is considered to be the top dating platform for gay men. A partner can be searched by sorting your preferences and likings according to age, location, and interests. Sorting matches based on hobbies can also be done on Grindr.


  • Well-known for casual hookups. 
  • User-friendly interface.
  • There is an option of meeting matches in real.


  • The dating platform is quite discriminatory. 

3 Best Adult Dating Sites

If you are less into serious and committed relationships and you are majorly interested in adult dating and casual hookups, then here we are with some prominent adult dating sites in the UK.

1. Bumble

Best Dating Sites In The UK


  • Bumble has changed the way people date
  • find friends, and the perception of meeting online

Bumble, much like Tinder, works on the phenomenon of swiping left or right to a profile as per your likes or dislikes. Bumble provides more liberty to women than men. That is, a woman on Bumble can initiate a conversation with a man. She can also choose to accept or reject a message request as per her suitability.


  • Simple and easy registration process. 
  • With the video chat feature, you can have better interaction with your partner. 
  • Fake accounts are not entertained on Bumble.


  • Men do not have the right to initiate a conversation on Bumble.

2. Hinge

Best Dating Sites In The UK


  • It’s a chill alternative for singles who are down for a hookup
  • Hinge is an inclusive dating app for people 

Although Hinge is a platform meant for casual dating, surprisingly, Hinge has some genuine and like-minded casual matches. It has something more to offer to the user than merely a one-night stand. The registration process is simple and the user interface is convenient to understand. 

Also, once you create a profile as per your preference, the dating site will show you 10 match suggestions each day. Hinge is well-admired as a dating platform for young adults. It is not for people who are into conventional forms of dating. 


  • Preferable for young adults to find a match. 
  • 10 new suggestions every day.
  • Simple and easy to use.


  • Not only for one-night stands.

3. Ashley Madison

Best Dating Sites In The UK

Ashley Madison

  • Ashley Madison has long claimed
  • Ashley Madison is a website that is popular around the globe

Ashley Madison has proven to be more advantageous for women than men. Since the dating platform is free for women, there are comparatively more female profiles. So, if a man has to look for women to date, then Ashley Madison is a recommendable dating platform for them.


  • Free for women.
  • Registration is quick and easy.
  • It is also suitable for married couples.


  • Men have to pay for the membership. 

3 Best Dating Sites For Polyamorous Relationships

Society openly accepts and trends polyamorous relationships. Considering the recent growth in the number of polyamorous relationships, many apps and dating sites have been created to find a partner accordingly. 

1. OkCupid

Best Dating Sites In The UK


  • OkCupid is the only online dating app that matches 
  • Get the best online dating app for singles

From being a well-known dating site till 2016 and then opening its ways for polyamorous relationships as well after that, OkCupid has a versatile kind of profiles on its database. 

You simply have to set your preference as “non-monogamous” and answer a few questions that are asked of you. It would help the dating site to list down your choices accordingly and show you the most suitable matches.


  • OkCupid has a fairly high success rate. 
  • Diversified profiles.
  • Full support to the LGBTQ+ community.


  • At times you have to deal with fake profiles. 

2. Feeld

Best Dating Sites In The UK


  • Feeld is a dating app for exploration, curiosity, and pleasure
  • Feeld is the place to chat, meet, date & connect with polyamorous couples & singles. 

Formerly known as 3nder, Feeld is a well-known app for polyamorous relationships. This dating site aims to create a secure platform for couples who are wanting something more interesting from their usual relationship. 

On Feeld you can also link your account to your partner’s account if he or she is found to be a match. There are more than 20 genders and sexual orientations to choose from on Feeld. Presently it has more than 2 million members. 


  • There is an efficient feature of group chat.
  • Profiles are usually secured and verified.
  • No ads to bother you. 


  • Not for serious relationships. 

3. PolyFinda

Best Dating Sites In The UK


  • PolyFinda supports polyamorous and ethically non-monogamous people 
  • Because polyamorous relationships involve multiple people

PolyFinda is a dating app that has been supporting ethical non-monogamous relationships since 2016. It includes open-minded and nonjudgmental people who share similar likes and interests.

The best feature of PolyFinda is that you can get to meet your match in person as the site shows you partners near your location and conducts meetings to make you meet. For privacy, a user also can restrict the profiles he or she is disinterested in.


  • You can also meet people in real.
  • It is easy to chat with matches.
  • Privacy and secrecy are maintained somehow.


  • Anyone can send messages even without a match. 

3 Best Dating Sites For Little People

Height can never be a foundation in searching for true love. With numerous dating sites for little people, dwarf people can easily find a partner to date in the UK.

1. Dwarf Dating

Best Dating Sites For Little People In The UK

Dwarf Dating

  • The best dwarf dating site and best little people dating service 
  • The little people(dwarfs) near you or finding little people

Dwarf Dating enables people who share the same perspectives and opinions to meet at a common place and share their thoughts or issues. It is specifically created for dwarf people as they often find it difficult to find a partner. 

Data security issues are very well handled by this dating platform. All your privacy is maintained. Not only this, the best part about Dwarf Dating is that it is an LGBTQ-friendly dating platform. Also, you can search for potential profiles and matches. 


  • A perfect platform to make new friends.
  • LGBTQ friendly.
  • Various search filters.


  • You have to pay for a membership. 

2. Date A Dwarf

Best Dating Sites In The UK

Date A Dwarf

  • Date A Dwarf club has revolutionized dating
  • Date A Little, is one of the longest-running dwarf dating sites

With impressive features and some amazing search filters, finding a dwarf partner is quite convenient on Date A Dwarf. The most suitable feature of the dating site is the video chat feature using which you can get to know your partner better.

Also, if you are new to dating, the platform offers an easy-to-understand and sorted dating guide. The user interface is also clean and simple. Date A Dwarf has people of different ages, locations, sexual orientations, and communities. 


  • Open for people of all kinds of sexual orientation. 
  • Has an awesome dating guide for beginners. 
  • Impressive communication tools.


  • One needs to pay for the premium membership

3. Little People Meet

Best Dating Sites In The UK

Little People Meet

  • The best dwarf dating site and best little people dating service
  • The longest running dwarf dating sites

Little People Meet offers an open platform for like-minded people to find a date. Here, people can share their opinions freely without having the fear of being judged. Herein, you do not have to restrict yourself to the usual stereotypes. 

The registration process is free and there are ample tools to flirt and chat with other users. Little People Meet is most known for finding a single midget woman to date. 


  • The signup process is free. 
  • Non-judgmental people.
  • You can make friends as well.


  • It has more midget women than men. 

3 Best Dating Sites For Married People

Already married and wanting a partner as there is no spark left in your life? Don’t worry! To cater to the sexual and emotional needs of married people, we have come up with the best dating sites for married people

1. Victoria Milan

Best Dating Sites In The UK

Victoria Milan

  • Discreet Dating Site for Married & Attached
  • Victoria Milan offers attached and married people a dating website

Since it is a dating platform that supports extramarital affairs and hookups with utmost open-mindedness, it is often criticized by society. So, people hesitate to create a profile on Victoria Milan.

However, the dating site comes with the ease of not revealing your identity to anyone on the platform and maintaining anonymity. While searching for a match, you have to answer a few questions and then you are all set to go and enjoy the dating platform. 


  • Maintains complete anonymity. 
  • Supports secrecy.
  • Preferable for extramarital affairs.


  • To avail of certain features, you have to make a payment.

2. Illicit Encounters

Best Dating Sites In The Uk

Illicit Encounters

  • Illicit Encounters is the UK’s leading website for married people
  • This site works in a similar way to traditional dating platforms

Illicit Encounters is believed to be the largest dating site in the UK that helps people to find love outside of the restricted boundaries of their marriage. Now that people are quite open towards extramarital affairs, Illicit Encounters has become an in-demand dating platform. 

With the help of password protection, one can very easily maintain anonymity. Finding a suitable partner is quite convenient as the dating platform contains like-minded people who do not judge each other at all.


  • Like-minded people.
  • Openness towards extramarital affairs. 
  • Anonymity and privacy are maintained.


  • The dating platform is free for women but not men.

3. AdultFriendFinder

Best Dating Sites In The UK


  • Adult FriendFinder is the best dating site to find adult singles
  • AdultFriendFinder is an app that connects people who are searching for passionate

A dating site solely meant for causal hookups and not committed relationships, AdultFriendFinder is perfect for married couples who want an extramarital sexual relationship. This dating site has one of the largest numbers of casual hookups and encounters. AdultFriendFinder supports all kinds of sexual orientations.


  • Best for married couples to find a partner for hookups.
  • Not restricted to a particular type of sexual orientation.
  • Active members.


  • Not concerned about a serious relationship.

3 Best Dating Sites For Casual Hookups

Casual dating has become the new normal nowadays. People have accepted the trend of meeting and dating only for hookups and have non-serious relationships. Well, there are some excellent dating sites for casual hookups in the UK.

1. C-Dating

Best Dating Sites In The UK


  • C-Date is your trusty helper when it comes to meeting open-minded people
  • Find what you are looking for and have fun on your date

C-Date or casual dating is solely meant for one-night stands and nonserious relationships. This dating has nothing to do with a serious or committed relationship. It helps people to meet merely for sex. 

Other than that, women get to avail the excellent features of the dating site for free. However, men are required to make a payment for the same. Most profiles are aged between 18 to 55 years and C-Date has active users in its database. 


  • Active and interested users.
  • The dating site is free for women. 
  • Matches are easy to find.


  • Not for serious relationships.

2. AdultFriendFinder

Best Dating Sites In The UK


  • Adult FriendFinder is the best dating site to find adult singles
  • AdultFriendFinder is one of the most well-known sites for finding quick sexual encounters

AdultFriendFinder equally welcomes all kinds of people whether single or married, gay or straight, young or old. It is open to all kinds of sexualities and it is regarded as one of the largest casual dating sites in the UK.  It helps people to be in a nonserious and nonjudgmental relationship. 

As of now, AdultFriendFinder has nearly 108 million active users. With enough profiles, one is likely to find a suitable match for casual hookups and dating. The dating site aims to build a relationship merely for sex.


  • Most profiles are active. 
  • Open-minded and like-minded people.
  • No restriction to sexuality. 


  • Ads can be troublesome. 

3. No Strings Attached

No Strings Attached

No Strings Attached

  • A guy and girl try to keep their relationship strictly physical
  • No Strings Attached is rated R by the MPAA for sexual content, language and some drug material

Quite evidently, No Strings Attached is a casual dating platform with more profiles of men than women. Apparently, a woman searching to date a man for casual hookups is good to go to this dating site. 

No Strings Attached allow the matches to create a Private Chat Room and talk in a better way. Also, there is a Live Cam feature wherein you even get to see your partner before meeting them in person. 


  • Best for casual dating.
  • Live Cam feature is top-notch.
  • Women can easily find men for hookups.


  • There are several fake profiles. 

3 Best Dating Sites For Mature Gay Men

Since everyone has the right to find love and be loved, nowadays, there are certain dating sites specifically focused to provide a partner to mature gay men

1. MenNation

Best Dating Sites In The UK


  • MenNation.com World’s Largest Gay Dating and Hookup Site
  • MenNation is the largest dating site for men in the world

MenNation is one of the most user-friendly, simple-to-use, and free dating sites for mature gay men. This dating platform aims more toward casual dating and open relationships than serious or committed ones. Men across the world can create a profile in a few easy steps and start using the dating site.


  • Registration is free.
  • Simple and sorted user interface.
  • Beneficial for gay men.


  • The dating platform is believed to have some explicit materials.

2. OurTime

Best Dating Sites In The UK


  • Mature singles trust www.ourtime.com for the best in 50-plus dating
  • OurTime is a senior dating app for singles over 50 looking to meet someone new

A gay man in his 40s or 50s has OurTime as a big support for him. OurTime is designed specifically for older gay men who are in search of a suitable partner. Even if you are new to the dating platform, you will be guided about how to date mature people. 

The best part of OurTime is that the platform does not restrict itself to any religion or sexuality. All are equally welcomed on the dating site. OurTime has a huge proportion of people from across the world. Most of the profiles created on OurTime are LGBTQ-oriented. So, it is easy to find a gay match here.


  • Easy to use for older people. 
  • Full support to the LGBTQ community. 
  • Registration is simple.


  • Not for younger men.

3. Match

Best Dating Sites In The UK


  • Backed by 25 years of experience
  • Match gives you the date smarts you need to find

Although Match is a well-known dating site in the UK, it is not merely restricted to gay men dating. There are people of all sexualities and communities on the dating site. Since Match has a huge base of profiles, it is a convenient dating site for gay men.

Searching for potential matches is free on Match. However, for messaging and chatting with a match, you are required to become a paid member. The registration process is quick and simple and it is a genuine platform to look for a match. 


  • Commendable success rate.
  • Has a huge base of profiles. 
  • Searching for profiles is a free feature.


  • For messaging features, membership is to be purchased.

3 Best Granny Dating Sites In The UK

For those having a soft heart and the will to find love in their 60s, there are some amazing granny dating sites in the UK.

1. EliteSingles

Best Dating Sites In The UK (12)


  • With singles right across the US
  • EliteSingles is an international dating platform

This platform is built purposely for individuals who want commitment and devotion in a relationship. It has a large number of profiles and new profiles are created every day. Nearly all the members of EliteSingles are pretty educated and want a serious relationship rather than casual dating.

EliteSingles is mostly known for its versatile search features. You can browse profiles as per age, location, gender, sexuality, or hobbies. As a result, the dating platform becomes suitable for granny dating. 


  • It has a huge base of profiles. 
  • Most matches are genuine.
  • Signup on the dating site is an easy process.


  • Not suitable for casual dating. 

2. eharmony

Best Dating Sites In The UK (13)


  • eharmony is the first platform to use a proprietary matching system
  • The best online dating sites we’ve seen out there

With a successful matchmaking rate of 70%, eharmony is regarded as one of the most trustworthy and reliable dating platforms in the UK. It has profiles of women in their 60s, which makes it a prominent dating site for granny dating. 

To find a partner, you have to pass a compatibility quiz as per your preferences and then you will be shown potential matches on your screen. There is also a feature or video dating using which you can get to know your partner better.


  • A large number of potential matches.
  • Reliable dating platform. 
  • Meant for serious relationships. 


  • You have to pay for a premium membership. 

3. Bumble

Best Dating Sites In The UK (14)


  • Bumble has changed the way people date
  • The perception of meeting online, for the better

On Bumble, women have more privileges and benefits to enjoy than men. That is, a woman has the complete choice to pick a match. If a woman likes a profile, she can initiate a conversation whereas a man can not do that.

Like other dating sites, Bumble also operates based on certain search filters wherein a woman is required to add her age, sexuality, and preferences of a partner so that some of the best profiles can be easily listed to her.


  • Suitable for granny dating.
  • Easy signup process. 
  • Efficient search filters.


  • There are certainly fake profiles and unwanted messages.

3 Best Lesbian Cougar Dating Sites

There has been a gradual increase in the number of same-sex relationships and with the openness in the mindset of individuals, there are some incredible lesbian cougar dating sites in the UK.

1. LesbianCougarDating

Best Dating Sites In The UK


  • Best Lesbian Cougar Dating Sites 
  • The best cougar dating site to meet older lesbian women

As the name clearly implies, LesbianCougarDating is a non-judgmental platform wherein lesbians and cougars can search for a match based on their preferences which they have to clarify during the time of registration. 

You can easily sort partners based on age, hobbies, location, gender, etc. In the “About Me” section of the dating platform, you are required to fill in your details to match with like-minded people in no time. 


  • The “About Me” section is extremely helpful. 
  • Search filters help to find a suitable match painlessly. 
  • Most suitable for cougars searching for a cub.


  • Certain features are only meant for paid members.

2. Older Women Dating

Best Dating Sites In The UK (16)

Older Women Dating

  • Older Women Dating app is the very thing you need for searching
  •  Best Older Women Dating Sites for Younger Men to Meet Cougars

Older Women Dating imposes no boundaries on age when it comes to finding love and a caring partner. This platform is primarily made for women in their 40s who are in search of a partner. 

Although it is not merely a cougar dating site, there are possibilities of finding a match for a lesbian and cougar to date. The site mostly includes young men who are fond of dating older women and women who want to date young men. Hence, the site works well for both.


  • A good site to find a friend also.
  • Age does not cause a barrier in dating. 
  • People are non-judgmental and open-minded.


  • Only for women in their 40s.

3. PinkCupid

Best Dating Sites In The UK (17)


  • PinkCupid is a leading lesbian dating site,
  • PinkCupid is a leading lesbian dating app

PinkCupid is designed with the purpose to assist lesbians and cougars to find love via online dating. Presently, the dating platform has nearly 60,000 members amongst whom one can find a lover as well as a friend. PinkCupid has genuine profiles who are ready to commit to a healthy relationship. 


  • The instant messaging feature helps you to talk to your match easily.
  • Mostly focused on lesbians and cougars. 
  • One can see the activity status of their match.


  • Messages can only be exchanged between premium members. 

Are Dating Sites Worth It? 

With numerous dating sites and the trend of online dating, are dating sites worth your time and energy? Well, yes! Keeping aside the chances of being catfished by fake profiles or bots, dating sites have a lot of advantages for you all. 

The reason that most dating sites are legit and genuine, it has been seen that many people have actually found their soulmate and love with the assistance of the dating sites. Since dating sites are accessible with just a click, they have also helped individuals in meeting new people. 

Moreover, online dating sites give all the power and control to you. Even if you have a profile match with a person, you can conveniently choose to accept or decline his or her match. In fact, some dating sites give more privilege and control to women (such as Ashley Madison). 

Not only this, but online dating platforms have also proven to be effective in helping people make new friends, talk to multiple people at once, and also meet the people around them in person. So, all in all, online dating sites are advantageous if used carefully and smartly.

Which Is The Best Dating Site Overall?

Best Dating Sites and Apps in UK

Amongst the numerous dating sites that we have discussed so far, you might be curious to know the best dating site to ease down your search and trouble both! To help you out with that, we would recommend that eharmony is the most genuine and trustworthy of all the dating sites mentioned above. 

eharmony is for people who are willing to commit to a relationship and give it their best. The dating platform has a huge base of profiles with the most genuine users. Also, eharmony has one of the highest matchmaking scores in the UK till now. It has helped 70 percent of people in all communities to find their perfect partner easily and conveniently. 

Frequently Asked Questions – Best Dating Sites In The UK

Q1) What Should I Know Before Joining A Dating Site?

A1) You must keep different pictures for different dating platforms. If you have suspicion towards any profile or a user, block him or her immediately. Also, whenever your profile matches with someone, check their social media handles to assure that they are not fake.

Q2) What To Do If You Have A Complaint About A Dating Service?

A2) In case of a complaint against a dating service, you should contact their customer service support. Before registering to a dating site, ensure that it has good and reliable customer service support. 

Q3) What Is The Difference Between A Member And A Subscriber On A Dating Site?

A3) While a subscriber has the advantage of availing some of the best features of the dating site such as instant messaging or video chatting, a member can only view profiles. A member has to purchase a subscription to use the features of a dating site.


Dating sites are no evil. If you are aware of your choices of a partner and you can differentiate between a genuine match and a fake one, operating dating platforms is an easygoing task for you. Some online dating platforms are secure and truly reliable for finding a suitable partner.