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AdultFriendFinder Review 2023: Adult X-Rated Hookup Site (UK)

Reviewed by: Kirstie Taylor
Fact checked by: Ashley Pariseau

AdultFriendFinder Review
AdultFriendFinder Review UK

AdultFriendFinder Review UK: Since 1996, AdultFriendFinder has emerged as a prominent dating site to bring together open-minded and non-judgemental individuals, primarily the ones wanting to have a casual hookup.

In this article, we will be giving a detailed AdultFriendFinder review UK.

What Is AdultFriendFinder?

All that a person can easily and comfortably get on AdultFriendFinder, also known as AFF, is erotic sex!

It is regarded as one of the many dating platforms to search for instant matches that are ready for hookups. Profiles on AFF are created with the motive of casual sex and not serious and genuine relationships. 

Having registered on AFF would bring you across a series of explicit photographs, weird kinds of profiles, and people ready to have sex.

While it can all be a little uncomfortable for individuals willing to find true love, the place becomes no less than a heaven for married couples or open-minded people believing in non-monogamy.

Editor’s Note

The AdultFriendFinder Review dating site was analyzed to provide an honest assessment of its features. The analysis included both male and female users to provide a comprehensive overview of the site’s effectiveness for different genders.

The website’s user interface, navigation, search algorithms, and user base were examined, and all features were reviewed, including profile customization, email notifications, messaging capabilities, member profiles, and contact filtering tools.

The website’s communication methods were tested for ease of use and privacy, and all security measures were reviewed. Feedback from actual members was also considered.

AdultFriendFinder Review UK

AdultFriendFinder Review


  • Find good-quality profiles
  • A site dedicated to sex and sexting

AdultFriendFinder is a well-known platform that promotes sexting or sending naked pictures to partners whom you find interesting. AFF runs ahead of its time in connecting like-minded people.

No doubt the dating site has a bunch of benefits and features, but some are only experienced by the paid members.

AFF is a dating site for everyone. Be it straight men, gays, lesbians, queer women, cougars, or married people, everyone is likely to match with their potential partner with the assistance of AFF.

You are required to simply create a profile, mentioning your requirements and thus you can experience the world of AFF. 

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AdultFriendFinder Features

AdultFriendFinder Review
AdultFriendFinder Review UK

AdultFriendFinder excels in some unique features which are hardly provided by other dating or hookup sites. These features include-

The AFF Sex Academy 

AdultFriendFinder has a sex academy that is purposely meant for people who know a little less about sex in comparison to others.

The academy includes some useful articles, videos and blogs, and sex tutorials describing a user more on sex. 

The sex academy has a user-friendly interface and it requires a bare minimum from everyone to learn something new and interesting on the platform. The tutorials even teach people about various sex positions. 

The Free Services

Several features on AdultFriendFinder are free. You only need to make a payment when you have to talk to someone privately.

If not, every user has free access to videos, blogs, photos, articles, etc. You are also free to have access to public live streams

Fun Dating Facts

The Personality Test

Once you decide to be a member of AFF, you have to undergo a personality test wherein you will have to go through 100 questions. This test is better regarded as a Purity Test.

It helps you to narrow down your search and find the most suitable match for you.

AdultFriendFinder Review UK – PROS & CONS


  • AFF is a non-judgemental platform with several legit users.
  • The customer support is commendable. 
  • One can sign-up for free on the dating site.
  • Most efficient features are availed for free.
  • The cost of premium membership is not excessively high.
  • Individuals are eager to meet in person.
  • With a huge base of profiles, chances are that you can find a person near you.
  • Versatile profiles and people are equally welcomed.
  • You can use the mobile version of the dating site as well.


  • Several fake and inactive profiles are seen on the dating platform. 
  • The ads are very irritating and can be distracting. 
  • Paid membership needs to be purchased if you want to talk to someone privately.
  • A security breach occurred in 2015.
  • It is said that the platform has lost its efficiency over time.
  • AFF is not LGBTQ+ friendly. 

Factors To Keep In Mind While Registering On AFF

Security is not something that is very well taken care of on AdultFriendFinder. Considering the same, one must keep the following factors in mind while registering on the dating site.

Be Careful Of Scammers

Hookup sites and dating platforms are the most common methods via which scammers try to steal your personal information or in most cases your money.

As a smart person, you are expected to not share any of your private data with any user you find on AFF, or any other dating site. 

Personal details are not needed unless a person is looking out for you for your money! Hence, no matter how badly a match tries to manipulate you or asks you for money, you should not be agreeing to give it.

Be Clear About Your Needs

While signing up on AFF, you must be very clear in the aspect of the kind of partner or match you are searching for. Try to narrow down your search as much as you can.

Not only would this save you time and energy, but you will also have lesser chances of getting in touch with a fraud person. 

Pay No Attention To Ads

You can find some disturbing or useless ads on AdultFriendFinder. Therefore it is suggested that you do not pay any attention to these ads and then you will get to go on the dating platform.

Set Aside The Catfishers

No doubt there is a huge base of profiles that you are going to find on AdultFriendFinder and there are no ways to know if a person is legit or not. 

Therefore, AFF has come up with a solution, which is to ask the other person for photo verification.

Since pictures can be photoshopped, you should rather ask an individual for a video call. A fake profile would never do that, so you are safe!

Is AdultFriendFinder Legit?

AdultFriendFinder Review
AdultFriendFinder Review UK

With an already large number of people on the dating platform and users getting added each minute, it becomes difficult to say that AFF is completely legit and secure.

There are cases of fraud and scams as many folks create a profile with the motive of extracting money from those who are new to this world of dating platforms. Also, AFF is not LGBTQ+ friendly.

It is difficult to trust individuals and save yourself from tricks. However, if you are smart enough to differentiate between an actual user and a fake one, the dating site is going to serve you well.

Due to a security breach in 2015, AFF can not be relied upon with blind eyes.


Dating sites have been quite in trend over the past few years. AdultFriendFinder is recommended for individuals who are keen and smart and the ones who can easily catch scammers. Otherwise, there are chances of getting into fraud. 

Hope you found our AdultFriendFinder Review UK helpful and useful. Stay in touch for more updates like this!


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