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7 Best Biker Dating Sites In The UK (2023)- Motorcycle Enthusiasts

Reviewed by: Kirstie Taylor
Fact checked by: Ashley Pariseau

Best Biker Dating Sites In The UK
Best Biker Dating Sites In The UK

The ideal life of a biker includes long rides, open highways, and cozy winds. It might seem like a perfect life, but how about adding someone who shares your love for bikes and is always ready to ride alongside you?

To help you find that special someone in the biker niche, we have compiled a list of the best biker dating sites In the UK. It will help you find your significant other. Following is our extensive list of the best dating websites for bikers in the UK.

Editor’s Note

We recently published a guide to the 7 Best Biker Dating Sites In The UK, and after extensive research and evaluation process, we have compiled it with great pride and care.

In order to choose the best sites for biker dating, we looked at criteria such as user experience, usability, value for money, and security measures amongst others. Our team of experts then went through each of the websites and compared their features in detail.

We even conducted an online survey amongst current users of these sites to measure customer satisfaction levels. This comprehensive analysis allowed us to make an informed decision on which biker dating websites should make our top 7 shortlist.

7 Best Biker Dating Sites In The UK

1. Match

Best Biker Dating Sites In The UK


  • Number One Destination For Online Dating.
  • 25 Years Of Experience

Match.com is one of the most popular dating websites, with over 3 million users in the UK alone. The match is a great website for bikers, mainly for its extensive search filters. You can easily set your preferences using the website and find the perfect match.

These filters include age, hobbies and interests, education, and much more. You get a free membership after signing up, making it a great choice if you’re trying not to break the bank while looking for someone special. 

2. Biker Planet

Best Biker Dating Sites In The UK (1)

Biker Planet

  • Security Features Are In Abundance.
  • Very Detailed Profiles In Most Cases.

Biker Planet, as the name suggests, is a dating website specially made for bikers looking to find their significant other. Biker Planet allows individuals to easily sign up for free and start looking for potential suitors.

You only need to specify your gender, the gender you’re interested in, age, city, birth date, and email, and you’re ready to use the website. Biker Planet is a great place for bikers to find someone who shares their love for bikes.

3. Christian Biker Meet

Best Biker Dating Sites In The UK (7)

Christian Biker Meet

  • Christian Biker Rally At Their Local Church.
  • Great Start Of A Healthy Relationship.

Christian Biker Meet is a dating website for bike lovers aligned with Christianity. It’s an easy-to-use website meant to connect bike lovers from around the world. The sign-up process is quite straightforward. You only need to fill in generic fields like sex, location, and age.

A great feature of Christian Biker Meet is uploading pictures of your bikes. You can even comment on others’ bikes and start a conversation easily. Christian Biker Meet is an excellent website if you’re looking to find someone from your faith who has the same love for bikes as you.

4. Harley Dating Site

Best Biker Dating Sites In The UK (4)

Harley Dating Site

  • Best Opportunities To Meet, Date, And Marry Harley Singles.
  • Many Solitary Dating Features For Bikers Only.

The Harley Dating Site is exclusively made for Harley Davison owners and has over 10000 members as of now.

You can find more than 700 Harley clubs on this website to interact with the community and get a better chance of matching with the perfect riding partner for you. 

5. Meet Local Bikers

Best Biker Dating Sites In The UK (6)

Meet Local Bikers

  • Many Solitary Dating Features For Bikers Only.

Meet Local Bikers will help you find potential suitors in your localities and someone with whom you can attend local bike rallies.

f you have been to a bunch of local bike rallies and meet-ups but still struggling to find a partner, then Meet Local Bikers is the website for you!

The sign-up process is quite simple, and you can also use this website to find a best friend or a love interest for the long rides

6. Biker Kiss

Best Biker Dating Sites In The UK

Biker Kiss

  • Establish A Relationship.
  • Riding Cross-Country.

Biker Kiss is one of the best biker dating sites in the UK and has been matching bikers for over 20 years. It is the perfect website if you’re looking to meet a wide variety of bike enthusiasts.

Whether it be Ducati, Indian, or Harley riders, you can find them on Biker Kiss. Biker Kiss offers free registration, and you can find your special someone without spending a penny. 

7. Biker Passions

Best Biker Dating Sites In The UK (5)

Biker Passions

  • 100% Free Biker Dating.
  • Biker Personals & Chat

Biker Passions is an intuitive biker dating website focusing on conversations between its members.

You can start messaging, flirting, and getting to know about potential suitors before settling for anyone. It is a popular dating platform, so you can easily find a great riding partner.

Our Verdict

There are many dating websites available on the internet right now, but few will allow you to find a riding partner with ease.

Thus, we listed our favorite best biker dating sites in the UK, and each one of these will surely help you find the special someone for those long rides into the sunset.


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