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4 Best Bisexual Dating Sites UK (2023): For Bisexual Singles

Reviewed by: Kirstie Taylor
Fact checked by: Ashley Pariseau

Best Bisexual Dating Sites
Best Bisexual Dating Sites UK

If you’re single and looking for the best bisexual dating sites UK and apps, we have a solution for you! With the exponential surge in dating websites, you can easily find some great matches on these websites. In this article, we will mention the best bisexual dating sites UK that will show you great matches while ensuring your privacy and security. 

Since the surge in online dating sites, it has become easy for people to find singles they like and have serious relationships with. However, even in 2023, bisexuals don’t have it easy to come out to people despite forming the majority of the LGBTQ population which also comprises lesbians, gays, etc.

Some people go as far as refusing to acknowledge bisexuality as a sexual orientation as they feel bisexual people are not “queer enough”, and many bisexuals find themselves capable of “passing” as straight. 

Due to this, many bisexuals cannot come out of the closet to the public and finding a dating site that acknowledges and appreciates bisexuals is difficult. In this article, we have mentioned the top dating sites which acknowledge your authentic self.

Editor’s Note

In order to determine the best bisexual dating sites in the UK, our team ran a comprehensive analysis. This included looking into reviews from users and experts, assessing available features, and examining safety measures that each site takes.

As part of the process, we compared each site’s ratings on consumer satisfaction and their reputation within the dating community. Our team also collected data about pricing structures, features for matchmaking, communication options, user experience, and success rates at finding compatible matches.

We combined all of this information to create an in-depth review process that gave us clear insight into which dating sites can provide UK residents with quality experiences for bisexual relationships.

4 Best Bisexual Dating Sites UK

1. OkCupid

Best Bisexual Dating Sites


  • OkCupid is among the most inclusive free dating apps
  • Find someone special on OkCupid

OkCupid has been a popular online dating site in the matchmaking business for many years. OkCupid has recently introduced many LGBTQ+ friendly features and has become inclusive of people with different sexual orientations.

OkCupid has several filters for matchmaking and has included many identity options in its questionnaires. The matchmaking system of OkCupid is accurate, and you can find several singles who have the same interests and sexual orientation.

You can find many members of the LGBTQ+ community on OkCupid, and the dating site has a variety of markers to find you the perfect match.

OkCupid has an extensive sign-up process that collects data regarding you, your ideal partner, and how you would want your ideal partner to answer those questions. 

2. eHarmony

Best Bisexual Dating Sites (1)


  • Joining the e-harmony community is absolutely free
  • The Match Preferences you specify

eHarmony is one of the best dating sites in the world and has gained popularity since its release in 2000. Although founded by a Christina Theologist to promote traditional straight marriages, eHarmony has recently updated its website and matchmaking system to help bisexuals find their love.

eHarmony is a great dating site if you want to find someone you like and have a serious relationship with. 

eHarmony has a simple sign-up process, and its matchmaking system ensures you get several matches in a day. Its 80-question personality test allows the algorithm to learn about your personality traits and interests and hooks you up with people who share your interests and personality traits.

With over 10 million active users per month, eHarmony is an excellent dating site to find your love.

3. Bicupid

Best Bisexual Dating Sites (2)


  • BiCupid looking for love
  • The largest pool of bisexual singles & couples

Bicupid is the largest bisexual dating site in the world, with over 2 million bisexual singles. Bicupid is a dating site open to bisexuals, bi-curious people, and bisexual couples looking to add fun to their relationships.

Whether you are looking for a hookup or a serious relationship, Bicupid will help you find the right person for you!

Unlike other websites on this list, Bicupid is targeted toward bisexuals looking for passion and romance in their life. This feature makes Bicupid an excellent dating website for bisexuals as it’s much easier to find someone of your sexual orientation, and the dating process becomes much more effective.

4. Match

Best Bisexual Dating Sites (3)


  • A match is such a popular and successful dating site
  • More than 42 million people have signed up for the site since 1995

Match is one of the most popular dating sites in the world and has been around for more than two decades. It has recently gained a lot of popularity among the LGBTQ crowd and offers excellent matchmaking for its members.

Match.com is an excellent dating site if you want to find someone who shares your traits and is interested in a serious relationship. 

One of the key features of Match.com is its extensive user database which includes people from several regions and having different sexual orientations. Starting as a straight-only dating website, Match has since incorporated LGBTQ markers in its website, and you can easily find a single bisexual of your liking.

Match has over 11 million premium members, and its global community offers diversity like no other. The match is ideal for singles looking for singles who are ready for serious relationships.

Our Say

Although the online dating scene has expanded in the past few years, dating websites that acknowledge and promote LGBTQ relationships are few. It’s especially hard for bisexuals as they find it hard to get acknowledged even by the LGBTQ community despite forming the majority. 

If you are bisexual or bi-curious, we compiled this list of the best bisexual dating sites UK to help you find that special someone for you.

You can go ahead and try these websites for yourself but be cautious of any frauds or fake profiles and do your research before going out with anyone.


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