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10 Best Dating Sites For Little People In The UK (2023 Edition)

Reviewed by: Kirstie Taylor
Fact checked by: Ashley Pariseau

Best Dating Sites For Little People In The UK
Best Dating Sites For Little People In The UK

Considering the prejudices and stereotypes created by society regarding little people, it is often the case that they remain deprived of love.

But, with the creation and trend of dating sites for dwarf people, it has become a cakewalk for them to find a perfect match. In this article, we will be talking about some of the best dating sites for little people in the UK.

Editor’s Note

It was a thorough and robust process researching the 10 Best Dating Sites For Little People in the UK. Our team sought out to understand which sites have the most reliable and user-friendly technologies, which provide the best matches, and which perceive users with respect and dignity.

We investigated the largest dating site available, as well as new market entrants, combing through each product offering to assess its efficacy and success rate. We also looked at an array of customer reviews to gain insight into their personal experiences with the products.

The rigorous analysis yielded our list of the 10 highest-rated dating sites for little people. It is not only our hope but our commitment that this unbiased selection will be beneficial to those looking for quality dating platforms.

10 Best Dating Sites For Little People In The UK

1) Dwarf Dating

Best Dating Sites For Little People In The UK

Dwarf Dating

  • Dwarf dating is the simplest palm dating site to date
  • Dwarflove.com is the best dwarf dating site

The first on our list of the best dating sites for little people in the UK is Dwarf Dating.

Dwarf Dating is an exclusive dating platform in the UK that is purposely meant for dwarf people to date and share opinions on every issue they feel like. This dating site brings together like-minded people with somehow the same interests and perspectives.

You can share your personal information or pictures and still be assured of having your privacy maintained. It is for this reason that data security issues are handled quite impressively on this dating site. Users can also search for profiles and choose their partners accordingly.


  • LGBTQ friendly.
  • Great platform to make new friends. 
  • Various browsing options to select a date from.


  • Paid membership has to be availed.

2) Date A Dwarf

Best Dating Sites For Little People In The UK

Date A Dwarf

  • Welcomes people with straight, gay, and lesbian sexual orientation
  • Meet hundreds of hot dwarfs

With advanced features and the benefit of being able to search for the perfect partner, Date A Dwarf has emerged as one of the most important and best dating sites for little people in the UK. Apart from some of the very impressive tools, a user can have a video chat and use virtual filters while using the platform.

Moreover, the platform provides an easy-to-understand dating guide for those who are new to the online dating system. Date A Dwarf creates an opportunity to meet your matches in real life.

People of different genders, communities, and sexualities have found their potential match, keeping aside the dwarfism they have to deal with. 


  • Both gay and straight singles are conveniently found. 
  • Provides a dating guide for newcomers.
  • Has ample communication tools such as video chat and instant messaging. 


  • A premium membership needs to be purchased.

3) Date A Little

Best Dating Sites For Little People In The UK (2)

Date A Little

  • dating site for LP singles (Little People)
  • The longest-running dwarf dating sites

Much like Date A Dwarf, Date A Little aims to be a source of connecting little people and helping them find their love beyond societal restrictions.

Since 2003, Date A Little enables its users to search for people of different regions, religions, sexual orientations, and ages, all on a single platform. 

Not only is this dating site restricted to finding love for little people, but it also helps to resolve several issues that little people have to deal with, including poor self-confidence and societal pressure. Herein, one can find friends and love at the same time.


  • Simple and easy signup process.
  • Apart from dates, you can find a friend as well.
  • All the local events of the city are published on the platform.


  • Not recommended for casual relationships. 

4) eharmony

Best Dating Sites For Little People In The UK


  • The eHarmony dating site is one of the most effective and trusted dating sites
  • eharmony matches single women and men

The next on the list of the best dating sites for little people in the UK is eharmony. eharmony stands apart from other dating sites in the UK with its huge band of profiles and high success rates.

It includes people who are educated and intelligent and thereby demand a serious relationship and not just casual dating. However, it is a normal dating site, but it does not mean that little people can not search for love here!

Having undergone a personality test when you sign up, you can mention your preferences for love and people. Consequently, you will have a list of eligible partners.

It is quite popular among midget men and women. Like others, people of varied cultures, languages, sexualities, or regions can be easily found on the platform.


  • A huge band of people for midget men and women.
  • Commendable success rates. 
  • Efficient profile test.


  • Only suitable for serious relationships. 

5) Little People Meet

Best Dating Sites For Little People In The UK (4)

Little People Meet

  • Single Little People Nearby
  • See Single Little People nearby

Up next on the list is Little People Meet. Herein, people belonging to the same interests and genuine behaviors meet and get to know each other.

The dating site is absolutely non-judgmental and no one here is going to bind you within the conventional stereotypes. 

Little People Meet has various flirt and communication tools that a user can make efficient use of once the free registration process is done. You are likely to meet more single midget women on this dating site.


  • Free signup.
  • Open-minded people.
  • Easy way to connect with anyone across the world.


  • More number of midget women than men.

6) Short Passions

Best Dating Sites For Little People In The UK (5)

Short Passions

  • A free online dating & social networking site
  • Find someone special on OkCupid

Short Passions is a unique platform that brings something different to its users. It is a combination of a social networking site as well as a matchmaking platform.

In case you have never tried a dating site before, then Short Passions is the perfect option for you to begin with. This platform is best suited for midgets who are otherwise hesitant in asking for love. 

Be it gay, lesbian, straight or people of any other sexual orientation, you are likely to find a match on the platform. It has options for video chat, messaging, and photo sharing, to begin with.

These interactions further lead to perfect matchmaking and that is actually what the platform aims at doing.


  • Best platform for hesitant midgets.
  • Free to use.
  • Multiple ways of communicating with a partner.


  • No proof of identity verification. 

7) Match

Best Dating Sites For Little People In The UK (6)


  • The service has a finely tuned interface
  • The signup process is a breeze

Another famous site making its place in the list of the best dating sites for little people in the UK is Match.

Although Match.com is not primarily a dating site for midget men or women, the amazing search filters of the platform enable gay, lesbian, straight, or single midgets to get through a matchmaking process efficiently.

You can apply filters regarding age, gender, location, hobbies, and lifestyles and then browse the remaining options to pick the best suit.


  • Easy to use.
  • Huge base of profiles.
  • Simple to sort filters.


  • Certain features are only enjoyed by members having a subscription. 

8) Shorter Singles

Best Dating Sites For Little People In The UK (7)

Shorter Singles

  • Shorter Singles is a dating site helping short men
  •  Short women singles find their true love

On Shorter Singles you can find regional as well as people from across the world to date.

With a paid membership, your profile appears to be on the top while other individuals search for a match. Also, you can create a profile video explaining yourself and your liking for a partner. 

Moreover, you can restrict messages from fellows you are not interested in conversing with. Adding onto this, you can add to a private chat if you are a paid member. The feature of webcam chat is one of the most enhancing ways to approach matches easily. 


  • Signup is extremely convenient. 
  • Easy to find matches.
  • Live-chat option is available.


  • Identity verification is not done.

9) Short People Dating

Best Dating Sites For Little People In The UK (8)

Short People Dating

  • A new app, Short King Dating
  • The shorter men are less likely

Short People Dating is a site as well as an app for individuals who are committed and willing to find a potential and loving partner to date.

Consequently, the platform is a group of people who share the same interests and thoughts, also including those who have gone through societal judgments. 

This midget platform is completely secure and free to use. The app excels in communication features. It has various criteria to sort matches, primarily according to location, interests, and gender. A midget man or a woman is free to express himself or herself on this dating site.


  • Like-minded people.
  • Easy and simple to use.
  • Convenient to search for a partner as per your preferences. 


  • Purposely meant for committed people.

10) Little People Match

Best Dating Sites For Little People In The UK (9)

Little People Match

  • Personals for little men & women
  • Our Little person dating site

The last on the list of the best dating sites for little people in the UK is Little People Match.

As the name indicates, Little People Match is primarily meant for enabling midget men and women to connect on a common platform. The dating site provides people a chance to search for a date, if not, a good friend at least.

The signup to the platform is free and further, a user enjoys various features such as messaging and browsing profiles. Little People Match is a platform that understands the needs of its users and caters to their demands accordingly. 


  • Signup is free.
  • Easy to browse profiles.
  • One can find a date or a friend.


  • Does not have a huge band of profiles.


It is often seen that little people are subjected to discrimination in some way or the other, because of which they develop low self-esteem and are usually concerned with trusting people and committing to them.

However, these best dating sites for little people in the UK are a messiah to all such people. True and non-judgmental love is all that you receive after getting onto these platforms. 


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