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5 Best Farmer Dating Sites In The UK (2023)- Find Countryside Love

Reviewed by: Kirstie Taylor
Fact checked by: Ashley Pariseau

Best Farmer Dating Sites In The UK
Best Farmer Dating Sites In The UK

Being a farmer is a tough job. It requires one to focus their entire attention on the profession. They have no time to pursue love interests. In this article, we will read about the best farmer dating sites in the UK.

Being in rural areas with less connection to a large population and being constricted to the fields for most of a year makes it very hard to socialize with others. 

Traditionally finding your significant other can be very hard for a farmer, assuming that most of their social events are agriculture-focused. Thus, farmers need to seek dating websites that can help them reach many possible love interests.

However, it will be tough for a farmer to date people outside their profession due to differences in lifestyle, so we have compiled a list of the best dating sites for farmers to find their special someone. These websites will help you find people who share your love for farming and agriculture. 

Editor’s Note

To come up with our list of the 5 Best Farmer Dating Sites in the UK, we first scoured the web to find all available farmer dating sites. We then looked deeper into each site and researched metrics like user safety, quality of matches, ease of use and design, customer service options, value for money, and more.

After active monitoring of data from 20 sites, we narrowed down our list to the top 5 offerings in the industry. All these sites were carefully evaluated prior to being derived as the best in this category.

Our team put an immense amount of effort into making sure that our selection provided you with great resources for meeting your farm-fresh love interest!

5 Best Farmer Dating Sites In The UK

1. FarmersOnly.com

Best Farmer Dating Sites In The UK


  • Find a farmer, rancher, cowboy, cowgirl, or animal lover by signing up for free.
  • A dating site meant for down-to-earth folks

FarmersOnly.com is made for people looking to meet single farmers from around the country. The site’s UI is quite easy-to-use, and there are millions of users worldwide so you can see a wide variety of single farmers to connect with.

FarmersOnly provides a platform that allows you to sign up and start searching for matches based on several factors like age, sex, location, etc. This makes FarmersOnly.com our first recommendation in the list of the Best Farmer Dating Sites in the UK.

Its premium membership lets you access all the features, but it is worth the investment since you can find someone special who also shares the same love for farming as you.

2. Farmly Dating App

Best Farmer Dating Sites In The UK

Farmly Dating App

  • Farmers-only dating in the country
  • Specialized dating service for those who live in rural areas

The second on our list of the Best Farmer Dating Sites in the UK is Farmly Dating App. Farmly is a popular dating app among individuals who love the outdoors. The objective of the Farmly app is to connect people from rural areas who would have a hard time meeting people with the same interests through traditional ways.

Unlike many dating apps, Farmly offers an unlimited option for chat for free so that you can talk with as many people as you want. The initial sign-up is quite simple, and Farmly profiles include brief introductions and photos for others to see.

An interesting feature of the Farmly app is the option to make matches on the go, which lets you meet people from different parts of the country. Farmly is an excellent dating app if you want to meet different people from agricultural backgrounds with ease.

3. eHarmony

Best Farmer Dating Sites In The UK


  • The first platform to employ a unique matching algorithm.
  • Absolutely free

eHarmony is one of the most popular matchmaking websites in the UK. Although not limited to farmer dating, eHarmony offers a chance to meet people from diverse backgrounds (including the LGBTQ community) and is a site designed to connect people looking for long-term relationships rather than casual dating.

You can check this website and use the filters to find someone from an agricultural background with ease. If you’re looking for a long-term relationship with someone who has strong morals and shares your love for agriculture, then eHarmony is the dating site for you!

4. MuddyMatches.co.uk

Best Farmer Dating Sites In The UK


  • Free to register
  • Unlimited searches on the site

MuddyMatches.co.uk is a dating website for farmers based in the UK. It is a great choice for farmers from the UK as the website connects farmers residing in the UK. You can connect with several singles who are farmers, create communities and find dates that share the same love for agriculture.

You can easily sign up to the website and start looking for matches with ease. You can get a premium membership of MuddyMatches to gain access to its whole spectrum of features.

5. Singlefarmersdating.com

Best Farmer Dating Sites In The UK


  • Dating service for reasonable people
  • Best for rural farmer dating

Singlefarmersdating is a great website suitable for younger farmers who are looking for love. The sign-up process is pretty easy and after joining, you can start browsing profiles, chat with matches and connect with several farmers like you all over the world.

Singlefarmersdating also offers a video chat option and is available for mobile use, making it easy to find matches on the go. Singlefarmersdating.com is one of the best farmer dating sites in the UK.

Our Verdict

There are many dating sites in the UK, but few will cater to people from rural backgrounds and living an agricultural-based lifestyle.

We compiled a list of the best farmer dating sites in the UK to help those who have a love for farming and are looking for their significant someone who also shares the same love. These websites will help you find the right person for you!


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