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3 Best Gamer Dating Sites In The UK (2023)- For Geeks & Nerds

Reviewed by: Kirstie Taylor
Fact checked by: Ashley Pariseau

Best Gamer Dating Sites In The UK
Best Gamer Dating Sites In The UK

Best gamer dating sites in the UK online dating has expanded over the past few decades and increasingly helped more and more people find their love.

However, mainstream dating sites mainly cater to people who have no problems interacting with others in real life. Many dating sites have a clear stigma against gamers and introverted people.

Due to the sheer number of dating sites, you can find several sites specially made for gamers to find like-minded singles to date. On these websites, you don’t have to scroll endlessly to find someone who shares your interest in games.

You can create custom profiles that mention your specific interests, like playing golf, and video games for others to see. Instead of the stigma towards gamers on other dating sites, these sites promote your interest in gaming. With options to showcase your favorite games or the consoles, you play with. 

In this article, we will mention the best gamer dating sites in the UK where gamers and geeks can find like-minded people who share the same love for video games, anime, and other fantasy worlds.

Editor’s Note

We conducted a thorough analysis when selecting the three best gamer dating sites for singles in the UK. Our research included looking at user reviews and star ratings, prices and services offered, signing up to and using each platform, and taking into account the website design and how easy it is to navigate.

Crucially, we also looked at the numbers of registered users as well as response rates from customer support teams. After weighing up all our findings we can now confidently state that these are the best options available within this marketplace.

Whether you’re looking for an ideal match or just someone to chat with, these websites offer a great opportunity to meet fellow gaming enthusiasts.

3 Best Gamer Dating Sites In The UK

1. Kippo

Best Gamer Dating Sites In The UK


  • A real-time virtual environment for dating and meeting new people
  • An organization that creates a dating app for gamers

The first one on our list of the best gamer dating sites in the UK is Kippo. Kippo rose to popularity as a proper gamer dating app during the COVID-19 pandemic and has since grown exponentially.

It has a simple but graphics-heavy interface that allows you to set up a fully-customizable profile with your favorite games, a virtual closet, and your photos.

You can browse other profiles by walking around in a virtual multiplayer world, just like an RPG game. A major pro of using Kippo is the option to form platonic relationships and find mates to play your favorite games with.

Kippo’s user interface is inspired by video games, and what game doesn’t have achievements for its players? You can unlock different achievements while interacting with people on this app.

There are many mini arcade games that you can play with other members of the app. 93% of all users play with each other before meeting, thus giving a fun opportunity to interact with possible suitors.

With its comprehensive customization options and gamer-centric UI, Kippo is one of the best dating apps for gamers.

2. Soulgeek

Best Gamer Dating Sites In The UK


  • More committed dating
  • A few distinctive characteristics

Soulgeek is a dating site designed by geeks for other geeks to find their love interests. Soulgeek allows its members to find possible suitors based on their interests in gaming, comics, movies, and TV shows.

It’s a place for geeks to connect with other geeky singles with similar interests. Soulgeek features comprehensive profiles with a bio in which you mention your favorite movies, TV shows, or games for other singles to see.

There is a weekly questionnaire that collects your preferences, and Soulgeek shows you matches who have similar interests and preferences for their partner.

Unlike other dating sites, Soulgeek aims to find you your soulmate who’s also a geek like you! On top of that, Soulgeek is free for everyone to use, and its sign-up process takes minutes to complete.

You can choose geeks from around the world based on filters like age, location, gender, etc. If you’re looking to get into a serious relationship with someone who shares the same obsession with movies and games, then Soulgeek is the perfect dating site for you!

3. GamerDating

Best Gamer Dating Sites In The UK (2)


  • Thousands of gamers male and female
  • Play with a Loved One

GamerDating is a dating site where you can find hardcore gamers to play with. While looking for a love interest, most gamers prefer having someone who shares their love for video games and can play alongside them.

On GamerDating, you can find other single gamers near your location. You can use several filters to pinpoint your preferences and find someone who matches them.

As with other gamer dating sites, you can add your favorite games to your profile for other singles to see. The major advantage of using GamerDating is its reward system which gives you exciting rewards like PS4 Plus gift cards, XBOX game passes, and much more!

GamerDating is the perfect place for gamers to find other players and spend quality time with them.


Gamers and other geeks have trouble interacting with people due to the stigma around them which led to the rise of many dating sites centered around gamers. These websites will help you meet other singles who also share the same love for games and fiction as you! Out of a large number of best gamer dating sites in the UK, we have cherry-picked the best among them. 

As with any online dating site, we advise you to be cautious with your personal data and privacy when connecting with other people. Make sure to check profiles with extra care for the authenticity of their details before meeting in real life. If you find any fake profiles on these sites, report them so that other singles are also safe from sharing any details with them. 


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