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10 Best Lesbian Dating Sites In The UK (2023): Non-Binary People

Reviewed by: Kirstie Taylor
Fact checked by: Ashley Pariseau

Best Lesbian Dating Sites In The UK
Best Lesbian Dating Sites In The UK

With the time being, more and more people are understanding their true identity and who they genuinely are.

Considering the uniqueness of an individual, there has been a tremendous increase in the number of lesbian dating sites across the world. Below mentioned are some of the best lesbian dating sites in the UK.

Editor’s Note

Our team of dedicated experts has reviewed the 10 best lesbian dating sites available in the UK. Each site was evaluated on various criteria including safety and security, user experience, ease and affordability of use, communication functions, and variety of memberships.

Additionally, we considered each member’s individual preferences for advanced search modes and compatibility features. We then produced our rankings through an intensive analysis of user reviews, data from other sources across the web, and feedback from the Lesbian community.

We believe that this thorough methodology gives us a unique statistical insight into which sites are the most successful in connecting with like-minded people seeking relationships, companionship, or fun.

10 Best Lesbian Dating Sites In The UK

1) Her

Best Lesbian Dating Sites In The UK


  • World’s Most Loved Lgbtqia2S+ Dating & Community App
  • Ever-growing Safe Space

Her ranks at number one as a lesbian dating app in the list of the best lesbian dating sites in the UK. Quite understandable from the name itself, the dating platform is meant for women to find love without any restrictions of age, boundaries, or sexual orientation. It is up to her what she chooses!

No matter whether you identify as bisexual, non-binary, lesbian, pansexual, or queer, HER is the most worthy app for you. All 4 million users on HER fall into the LGBTQ+ community. Hence, it is by far the best lesbian dating site.


  • You can try the app for free.
  • Huge base of profiles.
  • Non-judgmental atmosphere. 


  • A completely female-based app.

2) Lesly

Best Lesbian Dating Sites In The UK (1)


  • Social Network & Dating App For Lesbians
  • Single Girls To Meet And Chat

Lesly is yet another appealing dating site for bisexual, lesbian, and queer women to converse, eat, and have sex with other non-judgmental LGBTQ+ singles who are searching for true love and respect. Lesly is completely safe and secure to be used by women. There is no threat to their identity. 

Lesly can provide you with a serious relationship, a hookup, an FWB or NSA fun, all at a common platform. You just need to mention your choices and preferences for a potential partner, and Lesly is going to give you all that you need.


  • Complete verification of identity is done.
  • Safe and secure for women.
  • Easy signup process. 


  • The free version is useless.

3) Lex

Best Lesbian Dating Sites In The UK (2)


  • Free Text-centered Social And Dating App
  • A Steamy Date

Apart from being a dating site to help lesbians find a suitable match, Lex focuses on female security and privacy in every aspect. The platform demands identification proof while signing up. Not only this, Lex provides free access to messaging anyone whom you show liking. 

It does not judge the users, rather it provides an open and safe place for lesbians or queer women to share their thoughts, and opinions and converse with each other freely. Lex is both a dating app and a social networking site for the LGBTQAI+ community to look for friends as well.


  • Both a social networking site and a dating platform. 
  • Free access to instant messaging. 
  • Like-minded folks to talk to. 


  • Slowly developing into a social network.

4) Scissor

Best Lesbian Dating Sites In The UK (3)


  • Right Queer Dating Site
  • Proven Popular

Scissor claims to connect various LGBTQ+ community women from across the world on the same platform. Here, a lesbian can be free and share her interests, opinions, likes, and dislikes without any care about the world. You can let others know of your relationship needs as well.

Scissor was created by lesbians and for lesbians. It is made for all queer, gay, lesbian, bisexual, and bicurious. Scissor, like Grindr, is the best-suited platform for hookups. On the platform, you can add a 300-word bio and add a picture of yours, to begin with.


  • Meant purposely for the LGBTQ+ community. 
  • Suitable for “hookups” and “sex”.
  • You can easily share your thoughts and opinions with others.


  • At times, users might not get notified.

5) Thurst

Best Lesbian Dating Sites In The UK (4)


  • Inclusive App For Queer People “Of All Genders.”
  • Queer Community To Connect

Thurst is a reliable dating site for transgender people and queer women. While signing up for the platform, you will be asked to sort your preferences based on some given criteria. Having done that, your browsing list will only show members who have a suitable match to your profile. 

With people found on the Thurst app, you can even join some of the exciting LGBTQ events since everyone on the platform somehow shares the same interests and opinions. Thurst is an easy-to-navigate and even easier-to-use dating app for lesbians.


  • Easy to navigate.
  • The interface is user-friendly. 
  • You can join LGBTQ+ events.


  • Not a huge base of profiles. 

6) PinkCupid

Best Lesbian Dating Sites In The UK (5)


  • Lesbian Dating Site
  • It Is Legit

Our next recommendation in the list of the best lesbian dating sites in the UK is PinkCupid. Created especially for single bi-curious and lesbian women who are searching for a platform to be themselves and find love without any judgment, PinkCupid gives full freedom to women to accept and express their homosexuality and sexual orientation.

With more than 800,000 members around the world, PinkCupid is proudly an all-female site with a major proportion of lesbians. The dating site also has a chat room feature wherein you can connect with other members, primarily the ones you find suitable. 


  • Considered to be a secure and safe site.
  • Comes with an “active now” feature.
  • Easy signup process.


  • You need to pay for the premium membership. 

7) Hinge

Best Lesbian Dating Sites In The UK (6)


  • Built On An Acclaimed Nobel-prize-winning Algorithm
  • It Is The Best Option

Hinge never began as an app or a platform, especially for lesbians or the LGBTQ+ community, but over time it has shown responsible support towards promoting love and respect amongst individuals who love to be themselves. 

During the time of signup, you can conveniently register yourself as a cisgender woman, woman, trans woman, or intersex woman. Accordingly, the dating site would match you up with people that stand up to your expectations and preferences. 


  • Filters make it easier to search for matches.
  • A questionnaire is asked to record your choices. 
  • Easy to browse profiles.


  • Certain features are only enjoyed by paid members. 

8) Fem

Best Lesbian Dating Sites In The UK (7)


  • Free Lesbian Dating Apps
  • Meet Eligible Lesbians Through Videos

Keeping aside the concepts of photos or profile descriptions, fem aims at conversing with people via videos. In the initial stage itself, individuals are asked to upload a video wherein they have to explain themselves and their requirements for a relationship. 

Moreover, being a user means that you can also do group chats with the people in your area. Apart from finding a lover to date, Fem is a great opportunity and a platform to look for friends and send or receive videos if their profile fascinates you.


  • Simple and easy to use. 
  • Video chat makes everything more interactive. 
  • User-friendly interface.


  • Lack of verification process.

9) Bumble

Best Lesbian Dating Sites In The UK (8)


  • Dating And Hookup App
  • 100% Legit

Bumble poses a challenge to the otherwise heterosexual norms by allowing women to make the first move. Yes, it is the woman who initiates and controls the messaging system on the dating site. While setting up your profile, you have to select your preferences amongst men, women, or everyone. 

As a lesbian, if you choose women, your browse list will display the same and have searches ready accordingly. Bumble is free to be used by women. So, if you are one in the LGBTQ+ community, feel free to sign up to Bumble and begin talking with people.


  • Women are given more preference.
  • Easy to connect with open-minded people.
  • Full support to the LGBTQ+ community. 


  • A woman only has 24 hours to message.

10) OkCupid

Best Lesbian Dating Sites In The UK (9)


  • OkCupid is among the most inclusive free dating apps
  • Find someone special on OkCupid

Rather than creating and maintaining mature and serious relationships, OkCupid is more inclined towards enabling people to meet for casual hookups and sex. So, if you are a lesbian searching for the best lesbian dating sites in the UK, OkCupid is not for you!

Contrary to this, if you demand a relationship with sex as the prime motive, then you can register on the site. Using the search filters, you can find like-minded people of varying ages, sexual orientations, locations, and appearances. 


  • Easy to browse matches.
  • Sending messages is a free service.
  • A huge database of profiles. 


  • Not meant for serious relationships.


People belonging to the LGBTQ+ community have full rights to live their life the way they want. They should be treated with equal respect as others.

Keeping this in mind, the trend of lesbian or gay dating sites has increased. These dating platforms have been a great initiative in assisting LGBTQ people to hunt for actual love.

So there you have it – our roundup of the best lesbian dating sites in the UK. Whether you’re looking for something serious or just want to make some new friends, these sites should help get you started on your quest for love!


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