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10 Best LGBTQ+ Dating Sites In The UK (2023): Gay & Lesbians

Reviewed by: Kirstie Taylor
Fact checked by: Ashley Pariseau

Best LGBTQ+ Dating Sites In The UK
Best LGBTQ+ Dating Sites In The UK

With the widespread increases in the LGBTQ+ communities and people realizing their true selves, the next step that they look forward to is to find genuine love for themselves.

Considering the same, several LGBTQ+ dating sites have come into existence. In this article, we are going to discuss some of the best LGBTQ+ dating sites in the UK.

Editor’s Note

As part of our assignment to identify the best LGBTQ+ Dating Sites in the UK, our editors have undertaken an extensive and detailed analysis. This involved looking at a variety of factors such as user reviews, breadth of features, and those that offer additional services that might be ideal for LGBTQ+ individuals.

We looked not just for commitment to inclusiveness and orientation-focused dating, but also into the various special features on each website as well as other features such as profile search functionality and more.

The final 10 sites represent all these criteria, providing comprehensive coverage of what we believe to be excellent options for finding not only dates but potential long-term partners or even meaningful friendships.

10 Best LGBTQ+ Dating Sites In The UK

1) Taimi

Best LGBTQ+ Dating Sites In The UK


  • Best Lesbian Dating App
  • Bisexual Dating

With 8 million individuals on the platform, Taimi boasts of being one of the largest LGBTQ+ platforms across the world and is the best LGBTQ+ dating site in the UK. This app is a perfect go-through option for all non-binary, queer, and transgender people. Taimi is equally open for all, at least it claims to be!

Both serious and casual relationships are a part of this dating site. The kind of bond you are willing to commit to solely depends on you. Taimi operates on the twin benefits of being a social networking site as well as a reputed dating platform.

Consequently, you can create stories, posts, and groups as that on a social networking platform.


  • One can find love and friendship on the same platform. 
  • Easy signup process.
  • Huge base of profiles.


  • The app crashes at times.

2) Grindr

Best LGBTQ+ Dating Sites In The UK (1)


  • World’s Largest Social Networking App
  • Free App Serving The LGBTQ Community

Although Grindr is an LGBTQ+-based dating platform, it is majorly concerned with one thing and that is sex. It is regarded as the top dating app for gay men and is second on our list of the best LGBTQ+ dating sites in the UK.

However, issues against racism and internalized homophobia are often seen on dating sites.

On Grindr, you can sort matches based on your location. This is it becomes quite convenient for you to find a hookup nearby and arrange for sex. Apart from location, you can search for matches based on other criteria such as religion, appearance, or hobbies.


  • Casual hookup is easy to arrange. 
  • You can meet matches in person as well.


  • Discriminatory dating platform. 

3) EliteSingles

Best LGBTQ+ Dating Sites In The UK (2)


  • International Dating Site
  • 25 Countries Worldwide

If you are into dating, you might have heard of EliteSingles as a platform for people with high intellect, and undoubtedly that holds for the dating site. With a massive base of versatile profiles, one is likely to find non-binary, queer, gay, or transgender people in no time.

While signing up, you will be asked to give a personality test wherein you can mention your preferences and sexual orientation. Having done that, you will be able to browse through similar profiles and connect with like-minded people.

Although the site has several features, some are only available to premium members. 


  • The high versatility of people. 
  • like-minded folks.
  • Non-judgmental atmosphere.


  • Membership needs to be purchased. 

4) SingleSlavic

Best LGBTQ+ Dating Sites In The UK (3)


  • Legit Dating Website
  • Slavic Women And Western Men

SingleSlavic is an impressive platform to meet ladies of all kinds of sexual orientations and the ones who possess the utmost beauty. This dating site is no less than a messiah for men finding a partner or for lesbians and queer women willing to date an eligible partner.

The signup process on SingleSlavic is quite convenient and secure. You need to enter a verified email id to prevent any kind of fraud or scam.

With advanced profile-matching technology and efficient communication tools, SingleSlavic has become a top-notch dating platform and another best LGBTQ+ dating sites in the UK.


  • The registration process is simple and easily done.
  • Easy to navigate interface.
  • Communication features are very impressive. 


  • Membership is quite expensive. 

5) OkCupid

Best LGBTQ+ Dating Sites In The UK (4)


  • Free Sign Up
  • Dedicated To Finding People Love

Other than being a normal dating site, OkCupid has emerged in the support of the LGBTQ+ community over the past 10 years. It is suited for gay men, lesbians, or nonbinary people.

There are more than 400 sexualities to choose from! With like-minded people who are ready to accept you wholeheartedly, it becomes easy to connect. 

The colorful and easy-to-understand user interface of the dating site is top-notch. By the time of signing up, you are required to answer a series of questions that help you to find a match who shares the same political opinions and beliefs as yours. You can meet a nearby match in person as well.


  • Complete support to the LGBTQ+ community. 
  • Easy to understand user interface. 
  • Sorting filters are impressive. 


  • The personality test is quite long and boring.

6) Match.com

Best LGBTQ+ Dating Sites In The UK (5)


  • Gives You The Date-smarts You Need To Find
  • Number One Destination For Online Dating

Ever since 1995, this dating site has done a commendable job of matchmaking various people of varied cultures, ethnicities, regions, religions, sexualities, hobbies, interests, and lifestyles. You are supposed to create a profile, to begin with.

Furthermore, you need to mention your preferences such as age or appearance, probably something that you are looking for in a partner. When enough is done, Match will enable you to browse profiles and pick a potential match, but only when you are a premium member.


  • High success rates.
  • Easy signup process.
  • Huge base of profiles.


  • One needs to be aware of scammers.

7) Hornet

Best LGBTQ+ Dating Sites In The UK (6)


  • Over 35 Million Users
  • Everything About The LGBTQ

Hornet has laid its base as a popular gay dating app across the world with as many as 18 million users. The best thing about Hornet is that it is free to use.

Although it is primarily in existence in countries like Russia and Brazil, people in the UK and US have been taking advantage of the features offered by the dating site as well. 

One can share experiences and tell stories on the platform. Moreover, while creating a profile one has to fill in detailed information to prevent spam. It also allows the app to know your preferences and then search for a suitable match accordingly. Lastly, the app is available in different languages. 


  • Detailed information about a person is given.
  • The app can be used in multiple languages. 
  • Great way to connect with like-minded people.


  • One needs to pay for a premium membership.

8) GayFriendFinder

Best LGBTQ+ Dating Sites In The UK (7)


  • Gay Singles Dating Site
  • Thousands Of Men Seeking Men

GayFriendFinder is a hookup site for older gay men. Although the platform does not have a huge base of profiles, you can still find a suitable gay man to hook up with. It is considered to be an old-fashioned site because the pictures uploaded say so.

For those willing to go slow in a relationship, the site works well. It is a well-known dating site for the LGBTQ community and a good choice to consider when searching for the best LGBTQ+ dating sites in the UK.


  • Includes blogs and forums.
  • Easy to find singles, couples, or groups.
  • Focused on old gay men. 


  • The user base is not too huge.

9) Tinder

Best LGBTQ+ Dating Sites In The UK (8)


  • 55 Billion Matches To Date
  • Go Beyond Your Social Circle

Tinder allows users to be anonymous and keep their identities a secret. Those who do not want to disclose their actual identity on a dating site can create a profile on Tinder. All it requires is easygoing signup and the work is done. 

It operates on the feature of swiping right to the people you like and similarly left to those you don’t. Moreover, Tinder has a large variety of people and so you can find lesbians or gay men quite easily.

Tinder also saves you from getting unwanted emails.


  • The anonymity of the profile is maintained. 
  • No unwanted mail.
  • A convenient way to sign up.


  • Trends more as a hookup app.

10) Adam4Adam

Best LGBTQ+ Dating Sites In The UK


  • 15 Years In The Dating Industry
  • 100% Free

The last on the list of the best LGBTQ+ dating sites in the UK is Adam4Adam.

Adam4Adam is a gay-men-based dating site that is inclined more towards casual relationships and sexual encounters than serious and genuine long-term relationships. With 10 million members in its database, the platform is open to all men having various sexual wants. 

No matter your age or if you are bisexual, metrosexual, gay, or twink the dating site welcomes everyone happily. Simply sign in for an account, list down your preferences, and then browse for individuals across the world.


  • A non-judgemental atmosphere. 
  • Most multiethnic gay dating sites.
  • Lots of search filters.


  • Boring ads.


Everyone has the right to love and be loved. With multi-ethnic dating sites, it has become extremely convenient for people to find a genuine and potential partner in no time. Some dating profiles even give a chance to meet individuals in person.

So, there you have it – our top ten picks for the best LGBTQ+ dating sites in the UK. Whichever site or sites you decide to use, just be sure to have fun and take things at your own pace. Dating can be a daunting experience, but remember that you’re not alone out there. And who knows? You might just meet the love of your life. Thanks for reading!


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