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Bumble Review UK (2023) – Dating | Friends | Bizz

Reviewed by: Kirstie Taylor
Fact checked by: Ashley Pariseau

Bumble Review
Bumble Review UK

Bumble Review UK: Women searching for a potential male partner and a male wanting more women on a platform to have a solution here! Yes, Bumble is a dating site meant for serious relationships. But is it legit? Let’s find out in this article about Bumble Review UK. 

What Is Bumble?

Bumble is an online dating platform that enables women to make the first move and control the majority of operations that take place on the site.

Well, this has resulted in a higher percentage of female users on the dating platform. The women-to-men ratio on Bumble is 3:2. 

Launched in 2014 by a Tinder executive, Bumble works on the similar principle of swiping left or right on a profile as Tinder.

To show interest in a partner, you are supposed to swipe right. Bumble is built similarly to other dating sites, but Bumble comes loaded with several other features.

On Bumble you can connect, chat and date other potential candidates. It is primarily meant for singles and heterosexual relationships.

Bumble is aimed at shifting the dynamics of conventional forms of dating wherein there are more males on a dating site. It is the women on Bumble who decide if or not they want to initiate a conversation. 

Editor’s Note

Our team of dedicated reviewers has recently completed their evaluation of the popular dating site, Bumble. Our reviewers spent time researching this site to examine many different aspects such as customer service options, features, and pricing plans.

Each reviewer considered these elements through the lens of their own experiences and perspectives, providing unmatched insight and information about Bumble.

As we come to the end of our review process, we are proud to present our comprehensive review for our readers so that they can make informed decisions about using the platform!

Bumble Review UK

Bumble Review


  • Free dating app and social network
  • One of the most popular dating apps in the US

The prime motive of Bumble is to allow women to take the driver’s seat and lead the conversation with eligible partners.

Initially while signing up, you have to pick your preferences for the partner you wish to date. Unlike other dating platforms, Bumbles are committed to serious relationships

Moreover, Bumble has several modes to date. You can either choose Bizz, BFF, or dating as per your convenience. One is for friendship, one is for business meetings and the remaining one is for dating.

Using the “Spotlight” feature, you can enable your profile to be in the top searches for half an hour.

Also, Bumble is full of interactive emojis that can be sent as a response to a particular piece of text. However, it is only the female who decides to receive messages and only she can start a conversation if she wants.

Your Bumble profile undergoes a full proof verification to keep scammers and fraud users away.

Bumble Features

Bumble Review

Bumble has some useful features, however, not all of them are free. Let us discuss some of the features of the dating platform. 

Free For Women

One well-known and admirable feature of Bumble is that it is free for women. A woman signing up on the dating site has to pay nothing to enjoy the benefits and features of the platform.

The signup process is simple and easy and you are likely to find partners wanting to commit to a serious relationship. 

Only Women Can Initiate The Conversation 

Considering the privacy and security of women, Bumble has a feature wherein only a woman is allowed to start a chat if she is interested in a profile, or she finds a potential partner.

Men are not allowed to do so. Not only this, the connection gets lost if a woman does not text a user after swiping right to his profile.

Personality Test

While registering oneself as a user on Bumble, the dating site asks for a personality test. In the questionnaire, one has to answer one’s likes and dislikes and the kind of partner one is in search of.

Doing so helps in narrowing down the search and it becomes very convenient to browse suitable profiles for a match. 

Fun Dating Facts

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Bumble Review UK – PROS & CONS


  • The utmost security and privacy of profiles are maintained.
  • Supports two other similar versions for friendships and business conversations- Bumble Bizz and Bumble BFF.
  • With short and precise profiles, it becomes easy to sign up.
  • Huge base of profiles with more single women.


  • A woman needs to start the conversation within 24 hours of liking a profile, or else the match will be lost.
  • It is not open for all the communities equally.
  • Bumble is not for someone looking for a casual hookup or a mere sexual relationship. 
  • The dating site is costlier than other similar platforms. 

Who Bumble Is Good For?

• Singles searching for reliable and trustworthy dating sites.

• Individuals finding single women on Bumble as more profiles or women than men.

• People willing to be in a serious relationship and are ready for commitments.

• Those wanting to have a casual dating experience without getting indulged in hookups or sex.

• Women who want to restrict the messaging ability of men.

• Females who do not want to receive unnecessary texts from users.

Who Bumble Is Not So Good For?

• Males who do not want to have a genuine relationship. 

• Conventional men who always want to make the first move. 

• Women devoted to equality while making the first move.

• Single people who lack time to check their partners now and then.

Is Bumble Good For LGBTQ+ Community?

On Bumble you can not have or find same-sex matches. Quite honestly, that is not what the dating site is made for.

Firstly, there are restrictions imposed on who can text whom, and a woman can easily deny a text request if she wants to.

Is Bumble Legit?

Bumble Review
Bumble Review UK

Yes, Bumble is a legit dating site or an app. It is solely built for serious, mature, and committed relationships and not just casual hookups or sex.

Bumble demands its users undergo a photo identity verification to separate the fake profiles instantly and easily.

Also, Bumble’s main aim is the security of women, and thus it achieves it quite efficiently by allowing women to begin a chat with a partner who appeals to them. Women can also restrict messages from a certain account if they find something unusual. 

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Serious relationships are easy to find on Bumble. Both the dating site and the mobile app version are easy and simple to use. With a user-friendly interface, Bumble has seen a rise in the number of users on the platform. 

Because more priority is given to women and their requirements on Bumble, females account for nearly 60% of all the profiles created on Bumble. With its amazing features, Bumble can be a go-through option for almost everyone. 

Hope you liked our Bumble Review UK. Take a look at our other articles on dating app reviews too. Thanks for reading!


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