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C-Date Review UK (2023) – Is It Real Or Scam?

Reviewed by: Kirstie Taylor
Fact checked by: Ashley Pariseau

C-Date Review
C-Date Review UK

C-Date Review UK: Casual dating sites are starting to become the new normal for individuals around the world. There are hardly any people who want to commit to a serious relationship, else a hookup is what most of them want.

Well, considering that, herein we are going to review a famous casual dating site, C-Date. So let’s get started with our C-Date Review UK.

Editor’s Note

The C-Date dating site was analyzed to provide a comprehensive review of its features and performance. This included testing the matchmaking algorithm, reviewing user profiles, and evaluating the website’s design and usability.

We looked at profile information such as age range, hobbies, relationship goals, and other important criteria that are important when searching for a suitable partner.

The results showed that C-Date has a reliable algorithm for matching users with compatible interests and backgrounds, an active user base with serious relationship goals, and a well-designed website with intuitive navigation.

C-Date Review UK



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  • Bisexual Dating

What Is C-Date?

C-Date, also known as “Casual Date“, is a dating platform that is supposedly created by keeping in mind the requirements of people wanting to have a hookup instantly.

No matter if you are a single, married, gay, bisexual, or queer woman, you are sure to get a partner on C-Date, considering its versatility of users.

Individuals are attracted to this dating platform for the reason that C-Date maintains the anonymity of the registered profiles. Neither are you asked for a picture, nor your real name while signing up to the platform.

C-Date enables you to undergo a personality test, having done which you can search from a list of like-minded people. 

C-Date Features

C-Date Review
C-Date Review UK

C-Date as a casual dating site has some impressive features that are highlighted below in this C-Date Review. They include-

Easy To Find A Hookup Partner

Before signing up for dating sites, people are well-aware of the fact that they are not going to find their soulmate on C-Date. 

They are intentionally on the dating site for connecting with a partner just for the sake of sex, and quite honestly, it does not take much time to find a hookup partner on the platform.

Ease Of Use

Beginning from the signup process to the usability of the dating site, everything on C-Date is simple. Even the registration process is anonymous, so you do not have to reveal who you truly are.

Partners on C-Date can be discreetly searched. Also, the design and build of the dating platform are very simple and easy to understand. 

Maintain Your Anonymity 

Like certain other dating apps, C-Date does not demand a profile picture or your real name during the time of signing up to the platform. 

You can quite easily maintain your anonymity and still find a partner to hook up with. However, that does not mean that profiles on the dating site are not legit.

The Personality Test

Profiles are displayed to users based on their preferences, which primarily include the geographical location where they live. As per the reports, C-Date is mostly suitable for men as it is believed that 63 percent of men have found their potential partners on dating sites.

Fun Dating Facts

C-Date Review – PROS & CONS


  • Premium members can chat with individuals painlessly.
  • The dating site is simple and easy to use.
  • Singles wanting to have a causal relationship can consider C-Date as the best option.
  • Navigation through the platform is an effortless task.
  • C-Date can be used as a dating site or as a mobile app.
  • The signup process is quick and sorted.
  • You can see the “Activity Status” of a person in no time.


  • Not suitable for older singles as most profiles include people below the age of 50.
  • C-Date is not recommended for having serious and genuine relationships.
  • The basic membership does not have good features.
  • You can not browse through profiles for free.
  • Messaging other users is a paid feature.

How Much Does C-Date Cost?

No doubt the basic membership of C-Date is free and can be availed by everyone, one has to pay for enjoying the features and benefits of the dating platform, that is, the premium membership. At least 3 months of the membership is to be purchased at once.

One thing C-Date is often praised for is providing its premium membership free to women. Consequently, C-Date has registered more profiles of females than males and this is why males have a higher chance of finding a hookup on C-Date.

What Is The C-Date Matchmaking Process?

C-Date Review
C-Date Review UK

C-Date works on some inbuilt algorithms to help you find a potential partner for yourself. The matchmaking process on C-Date is quite simple and sorted. With an efficiently built interface, the effectiveness of the dating site gets tremendously increased. 

The search filters on C-Date are versatile. You can find people belonging to different locations, religions, hobbies, interests, likes, and dislikes, and sexual orientations as well. All you need to do is sign up to the dating site and then the platform will automatically sort matches for you. 

Further, if you like a profile and as you browse through them, you can navigate through every profile in different lists. C-Date has a range of options for lists such as ‘My Favorites‘, ‘My Visitors‘, ‘My Likes‘ etc. With the assistance of these, you can conveniently get to the desired profile easily. 

Lastly, the premium members have the benefit of directly texting and conversing with the person they are slightly inclined towards. C-Date also shows you the list of ‘Contact Proposals‘. It shows people you can be in touch with without having to message them directly.

Why Use C-Date?

Whether or not one should be using C-Date as a dating platform is a common question that many people ask. However, the answer to this question is a big YES.

Firstly, being a man you have more chances of hitting onto the right partner as C-Date has 60% profiles of women of different locations and sexual orientations including lesbians.

Along with this, C-Date offers the versatility of users and profiles to pick a match from. The least that you are required to do is to create a profile that does not take more than 4 to 5 minutes and then as per the preferences you have filled in while registering, you will be getting displayed with the profiles that are worth your time. 


This was all about C-Date Review UK. C-Date is not a platform for finding your soulmates. However, if you want versatility in the kind of people you can hook up with, then C-Date is going to be a sure shot for you. Not only this, but by applying the search filters, you can find partners nearby you in no time. 


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