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EliteSingles Review UK (2023) – Is It Worth Exploring or Not?

Reviewed by: Kirstie Taylor
Fact checked by: Ashley Pariseau

EliteSingles Review
EliteSingles Review UK

EliteSingles Review UK: Recent years have seen an increase in the number of dating sites for singles, old people, or individuals belonging to the LGBTQ+ community. Likewise, EliteSingles is a dating platform for academically wise and grown-up people who are in search of a good relationship that lasts forever.

Let us learn more about this dating platform in the EliteSingles Review UK.

Editor’s Note

The EliteSingles dating site was thoroughly reviewed by our editorial team. We examined the site’s features and services, including profile creation, search functions, messaging, safety protocols, matchmaking algorithms, and customer support.

We also surveyed existing members to get their feedback on their experience with the platform. Our analysis found that EliteSingles had an effective system for matching users based on compatibility and provided a secure environment for communication.

The customer support team was also available to assist users with any issues. Overall, we found that the site had high-quality features and services.

EliteSingles Review UK



  • A go-to dating site for single, educated, and busy professionals
  • Provides an elite dating experience

What Is EliteSingles?

With an average sign-up time of 15 to 20 minutes, EliteSingles is a dating platform existing since 2009. You can use either the dating site or the mobile app version at your convenience.

As the name suggests, EliteSingles is a community of highly educated and wise individuals that are up there looking for an “elite” experience of dating. 

Individuals on EliteSingles demand no fun or casual hookups, rather they want sober and genuine relationships that last longer, maybe such that some find their soulmates on the platform.

Since all the users on the dating site have higher academic qualifications and standards, most of the people you will find here will be in their 30s or more.

If you are in your 20s, have no prior experience in dating, or looking for an open-minded relationship with not many restrictions being posed upon you, then let me make it very clear to you that EliteSingles is not the place wherein you can suit well. Users here are matches according to the preferences they enter while creating their profile.

Features Of EliteSingles

EliteSingles Review
EliteSingles Review UK

EliteSingles is known to have some simple and clear functions that help you to easily navigate through the dating app and use it effectively. Some of the features of EliteSingles are discussed below.

The “Have You Met” Feature

The “Have You Met” feature works quite similar to the swipe left or swipe right feature of Tinder, but it comes with a difference instead of swiping left or right, you have to press on a smiley face if you are interested in a profile and on an X if you are not.

In this feature, the other person needs not be your match for sending him/her any message. You can directly text and chat with them and like them indicating that you have shown interest in their profile. Also, unlike Tinder, EliteSingles displays complete information about the profile that is visible on your screen.

The Search Feature

Now instead of browsing through hundreds of profiles every day what EliteSingles does is, narrow down your search to a few matches that are potentially perfect and useful for you. 

Therefore, you can search from those limited matches that stand to your preferences. Overall, it makes your task convenient and painless. This is the prime feature EliteSingles is known for.

The Match Feature

In the match section, you are going to see all the people that the platform has selected for you.

The profiles in the “Match” section are based on your choices and the preferences that you have filled in while registering yourself on the dating platform. Herein, you can sort down the profiles and choose one perfect partner for yourself. 

Fun Dating Facts

EliteSingles Review UK – PROS & CONS


  • EliteSingles has a huge base of profiles with new members being added to the platform every month.
  • EliteSingles is spread over a large geographical region as it is a dating platform that includes people from the US and 25 other countries. 
  • Only intelligent and mentally mature individuals create a profile on EliteSingles, so you are saved from those looking for a hookup.
  • Educated members are a part of the EliteSingles community. More than 80% of them have a higher level of education or certification. 
  • A new upgrade brings in the “Have You Met” features that are quite similar to the swipe left or right criteria of other dating apps.
  • With recent changes, you can meet your match in person as well.


  • The basic membership or the free trial is limited to several days and not beyond that.
  • The premium membership is pricey and more expensive than some other dating apps. 
  • The user interface of EliteSingles does not upgrade quite often.

Is EliteSingles Legit?

If you have reached that stage of life wherein you have achieved success, you are educated and highly intelligent, or are a working professional, and thus you are looking for a partner with similar traits who do not sign up to a dating site for hookups or fun, but demand something beneficial and acceptable from a dating site then there is no place better than EliteSingles for you to trust. 

EliteSingles is a legit and serious dating platform, however, its seriousness does not match with dating apps like eharmony, but EliteSingles has built up a community of intelligent and academically forward people who are mature and genuine about the relationships they create.

If you are not searching for a hookup, then EliteSingles is absolutely the best for you.

How Is Customer Support At EliteSingles?

The customer support at EliteSingles is commendable. They have a separate FAQs section wherein you can enter your query and you are likely to get a response to that.

Also, there is a contact form and additionally, you can send mail if the issue is quite large. Moreover, the queries are responded to only from Monday to Friday. For better output, always include your mail in the contact form.

How Much Does A Premium Membership Of EliteSingles Cost?

EliteSingles Review
EliteSingles Review UK

Purchasing a premium membership at EliteSingles is going to give you a ton of benefits such as-

• Easy and unlimited communication with any member.

• You can view details and pictures of anyone on the dating platform. 

• The matchmaking chances are higher for those who have availed of a premium membership. 

• Users can get to know who has viewed their profile.

With enough features and advantages in hand, it is suggested that you buy the premium membership of EliteSingles. The cost ranges somewhat between $40 to $60 depending upon the number of features you can avail.


EliteSingles provides complete support to singles, married couples, the LGBTQ+ community, or a person of any sexual orientation wanting to have a serious relationship and is also intellectual and has a successful background academically.

With good search filters, it is a high possibility that you can find genuine matches with ease. Hope you enjoyed reading our EliteSingles Review UK. Stay tuned for more reviews on some of the best dating sites.


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