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Facebook Dating Reviews UK (2023) – Features, Pros & Cons

Reviewed by: Kirstie Taylor
Fact checked by: Ashley Pariseau

Facebook Dating Reviews
Facebook Dating Reviews UK

Facebook Dating Reviews UK: While setting up a profile on a dating site, it is usually the case that you are asked to link it to your Facebook account. But how about Facebook having its dating platform? Yes, Facebook Dating is a matchmaking site and all launched by Facebook.

In the article, we are going to learn about the functioning and features of Facebook Dating in this Facebook Dating Reviews UK. 

Editor’s Note

To review the Facebook Dating site, we explored its functionality and services, including the search function, messaging system, and “Secret Crush” and “Second Look” features.

We tested the site’s functionality and usability by using the search function, messaging system, and other features. We also researched the site’s reputation and read reviews from other users.

Based on the aforementioned facts, a review of the website was written that covered all of its facets, including its functioning, user experience, reputation, and emphasis on exploiting pre-existing Facebook relationships.

What Is Facebook Dating?

Facebook Dating

Facebook Dating

  • Facebook Dating to meet new people
  • Place for singles across the world to find each other

Facebook Dating is a free-to-use and easy-to-understand dating platform that has been brought into existence by Facebook itself. The FB Dating site has a bunch of unique features which are not easily found on other dating platforms. 

Moreover, Facebook Dating is free to be operated by anyone. One is not even required to create a separate account, and one can directly use the dating site by linking it via one’s Facebook account. If there’s something that is at risk while using Facebook Dating, it is the privacy of the user.

Facebook Dating Features

Facebook Dating Reviews
Facebook Dating Reviews UK

Facebook Dating Reviews has highlighted some unique features as discussed below-

The Block Settings Feature 

One of the best features of the FB Dating platform is that you can choose to block users whom you find suspicious or you are not interested to talk to. As a user, you get to have the chance of creating a list of all the profiles that you wish to ignore. 

Apart from that, you can also pose restrictions on who can view your FB Dating profiles amongst your Facebook friends. This feature acts as a separating barrier between Facebook and the FB Dating platform. Also, you can easily search for singles beyond your arena to date.

The Second Look Feature

Now, this is the feature that other dating sites might try to inculcate in their software. Using the Second Look feature, you can have a list of all those profiles you have seen in the past and ignored or rejected them.

This feature works on the principle that in the second go you could find someone interesting amongst the list and have a chance with them.

The Secret Crush Feature

In this feature, you can term a few of your Facebook friends whom you like as your secret crush. In the future, if they will be creating a FB Dating account, they are free to mark people as their secret crushes as well.

By chance, if they pick you as your secret crush, it would be revealed to them that you too have a liking for them and then you both can chat and who knows they might become your ideal partner later on.

The On Pause Feature

By using the On Pause feature your dating profile will be paused. Neither will you get suggestions of any matches in the future, nor will your profile be shown to any other person.

This feature is primarily used when you have already found a partner and you are invested in messaging or chatting with them rather than searching for new individuals. 

Fun Dating Facts

Facebook Dating Reviews UK – PROS & CONS


  • A detailed and informational profile can be easily created on the dating site. 
  • Facebook Dating is free for all.
  • A user with an existing Facebook account can directly jump toward browsing the profiles without having to create another account. 
  • Users who understand Facebook well ad are not much into traditional dating sites have FB Dating as their best option.
  • Facebook Dating is integrated with Facebook, Messenger, and Instagram.


  • The platform does not have a huge base of profiles. 
  • Most of the people on the dating site are older.
  • Does not include impressive features.
  • The dating site raises several privacy concerns for users. 
  • Facebook Dating is not supportive to be used on desktops.

Facebook Dating Is Most Suitable For:

• Singles who are not much concerned about the security and privacy of their data, as there could be a chance for a data leak.

• People who already have a Facebook account and are active users on the platform as you have to link your Facebook Dating platform to the Facebook app.

• Individuals want a free dating platform irrespective of the number of profiles on it.

Facebook Dating Is Not So Suitable For:

• People who are serious about the security and privacy of their data.

• Singles who are in search of a dating platform with a huge base of profiles.

• Individuals who demand a rapid response from a dating site.

• People who do not remain much active on Facebook and do not want to link their dating site to the app.

• Young generation who looks for versatility in dating apps.

How Much Does Facebook Dating Cost?

The best part about having a FB Dating profile is that you do not have to pay a single penny even to avail some of the best features of the dating platform.

All that you are required to do is to link the dating profile with your Facebook account and you are all set to go!

Are There Any Good Quality Singles On Facebook Dating?

Since youngsters are tech savvy and have more knowledge of dating than others, the kind of singles one is going to find on Facebook Dating is those who are in their 40s or the ones who do not understand or believe in the concept of traditional dating sites. You could meet someone who shares your hobbies and interests like riding bikes or golfing.

If you are searching for a partner in LGBTQ community, you can go through our article Best LGBTQ+ dating sites in the UK.

Is Facebook Dating Worth It?

Facebook Dating Reviews
Facebook Dating Reviews UK

Now that Facebook Dating is an additional dating app alongside Facebook and not the most famous dating platform out there, you are not likely to acknowledge a huge base of profiles or a large number of singles to pick a date from on it.

Apart from that, the quality of singles found on Facebook Dating is not very appreciable. Usually, if a person genuinely wants to date, then Facebook Dating is not a reliable platform for him/her. For eg, if you are a single parent looking for a partner, Facebook dating site might not be useful for you.

While setting up your profile, you need to connect your Facebook account to the dating app. Now, considering the data leaks that happen quite often on Facebook, linking the dating site’s account with your Facebook profile can be a questionable thought. 

The only factor wherein Facebook Dating holds its worth is that it is a free platform. Apparently, if you are an active user on Facebook and you are not too much concerned about your security or data, then Facebook Dating can be your ideal dating platform. 


That was all about our Facebook Dating Reviews UK. If you have never tried a dating platform ever before in your life, you should be trying Facebook Dating. Firstly, there is no excess crowd on the platform and secondly, the dating site is free to use.


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