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FDating Reviews UK 2023 – Is It Worth Looking Into?

Reviewed by: Kirstie Taylor
Fact checked by: Ashley Pariseau

FDating Reviews
FDating Reviews UK

FDating Reviews UK: If you hold the belief of not spending money on dating sites, but you are willing to avail the benefits and features that it provides, then FDating is the most suitable dating site for you.

It is free to use and easy to understand. However, there are chances of scammers and frauds, but if you can manage them well, you are all set to use the dating site. Let us read FDating Reviews UK in detail for more information.

Editor’s Note

The review of Fdating was conducted through the use of in-depth research and testing. In order to ensure accuracy and reliability, we compared data from multiple sources and verified each point carefully.

We used our own team for comparative analysis, giving us the ability to evaluate features such as user interface, pricing plans, customer service, messaging tools, and more.

We created several test accounts to explore the full range of features that FDating had to offer. We also evaluated the messaging system for potential compatibility issues, which was simple and intuitive.

To examine customer support, we sent out a few emails inquiring about our account settings and other general questions. We were pleased with their response time as they got back to us within 24 hours with helpful answers every time.

FDating Reviews UK



  • Connect singles from all over the globe
  • Free dating site

What Is FDating?

FDating is a dating site to find flirts, dates, and casual hookups. It is a global dating community with a high proportion of women from Ukraine and Russia.

Navigation through the dating platform is quick and simple. Even a new user can painlessly understand the functionality of FDating. 

Having set up your account, you can conveniently browse through other profiles, choose your matches and text them instantly. The best part is, all of this can be done for free. Yes, FDating put its base as one of the dating sites that charge absolutely no amount from its users.

Now that everything from searching a profile, to messaging an individual is done for free, there are chances of striking a fake profile or a scammer who might be catfishing you. It is also seen that at times users do not fill in completely true information about themselves while signing up. 

On the design and outlook front, FDating does not appear to be very appealing or glamorous to its users. Although the process of using the dating platform is sorted and easy, it can not cater to the way the site looks. FDating does not have a mobile app, but a version that works efficiently on mobile phones.

FDating Features

FDating Reviews
FDating Reviews UK

The following are some of the well-known features of FDating.

Have Real-Time Chats

FDating being a free platform, the users have the advantage of messaging any person at any instance of time. Hence, if you are interested in any profile, you can easily send a text to them and have real-time chat with them.

The Video Chatting Feature

Apart from messaging, you are free to have a video chat with potential matches and genuine users across the world. The video chat feature adds life to the functionality of the dating platform as it provides a way to understand the partners even better.

Choose Your Language 

Being a globally used dating site, FDating has the option of selecting your native language. On the top right corner of the page of the dating site, there are different colored flags indicating various languages.

From that area, you can select your native language and the site will get translated into it automatically. 

The “See Who Viewed Your Profile” Feature

Using this feature, you can see the list of users who have viewed your profile. It kind of works as a sorting feature because you can go through the profiles who have shown interest in you and you can then choose a partner from them if someone matches your interests. 

The Photo Sharing Feature

Now that you know a match is genuine and legit, and you want to take your dating experience to a next level, FDating also comes with an unlimited photo-sharing feature. Herein, there is no restriction to the number of photos you share with someone.

The Mail Filter Feature

In the Mail Filter feature, you can sort the messages that you have received based on age, availability, photo or country of origin, etc. It helps in saving time and energy for the users.

Fun Dating Facts

FDating Reviews UK – PROS & CONS


  • From registration to setting up an account, everything on FDating is free of cost.
  • Being a global website, FDating has a versatility of users from across the world.
  • The interface of the dating platform is user-friendly and easy to understand. 
  • FDating provides its users with the convenience to use the dating site.
  • It hardly takes 5 to 7 minutes to register on the dating site. Also, you are free to fill only selected fields that you think are necessary.


  • With a diverse group of people, there is a high risk of scammers and catfishers.
  • The dating site has not maintained a reputed image ever since its launch.
  • Since the dating platform is free, there seems to be something fishy.
  • FDating does not have a mobile app, so it could be really troublesome for users to be active members of the app for too long. 
  • The design and layout of the dating site are boring and obsolete. 
  • FDating will continue to show several advertisements midway, which can be a problem in the smooth functioning of the dating site.

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FDating Is The Best For

• Individuals who want to have a dating experience and find flirts and partners but do not want to pay for the premium membership of the sites. 

• People who just want to maintain an easygoing casual relationship or the ones who want a serious relationship, but want to explore various profiles. 

• Single men who are in search of women from Russia or Ukraine as most profiles on FDating consist of them. 

• People are willing to extend their search geographically, as FDating is a global platform for matchmaking

FDating Is Not So Good For

• People who are truly concerned about the privacy and security of the information that they share on the dating site.

• Individuals who are new to the world of online dating and can not judge catfishers and scammers easily. 

• People who are in search of an active base of profiles, as individuals on FDating as not very responsive to the texts and messages. 

How Much Does FDating Cost?

FDating Reviews
FDating Reviews UK

Surprisingly, FDating sets itself apart from other dating sites by being completely free for its users.

From the initial sign-up to the time you find a suitable match, you do not have to make any kind of payment. This is the reason many people create a profile on FDating.


The dating platform offers ease of use and a sorted user interface to individuals searching for a match. The signup process is simple after which you can browse through profiles, chat with partners and pick the best suit for you!

Hope you found our blog on FDating Reviews UK informative and helpful. Stay in touch for updates like these!


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