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Feeld Review UK (2023): For Open-Minded Singles And Couples

Reviewed by: Kirstie Taylor
Fact checked by: Ashley Pariseau

Feeld Review
Feeld Review UK

Feeld Review UK: What else does a person expect from a dating app other than a variety of users and a secure way to find an eligible partner? Well, Feeld is a platform that provides you with the same.

It has users from across the world with different likings, interests, and hobbies, like gaming, biking, golfing, etc. Consequently, chances are that you will find the one meant for you. Read our Feeld Review UK to know all about this dating site.

Editor’s Note

As part of our review process for the “Feeld” dating site, our team conducted a thorough analysis of the site’s features, user experience, and overall performance. This included creating accounts and testing the site ourselves for both free and paid versions, reading through user reviews and ratings, and researching the company’s background and reputation.

To ensure the accuracy and fairness of our review, we made sure to consider a diverse range of perspectives and experiences. We also reached out to the company for any additional information or clarification that was needed.

Our goal was to provide a balanced and objective review of the Feeld dating site, highlighting both its strengths and areas for improvement. We hope that this review will be helpful to anyone considering using the site for online dating.

What Is Feeld?

Feeld Review


  • Classy And Chic Online Lesbian Dating
  • Taboo Of Age-gap Romance Does Not Exist

Feeld is a prominent dating site that equally welcomes more than 20 genders and people of different sexual orientations alike. Feeld has a perfect match for everyone. It includes people from different geographical regions, demanding genuine and legit love.

No matter whether you are bisexual, gay, queer, transgender, straight, single, or married, some profiles can match your preferences on the dating site quite easily. Feeld is a community of non-judgmental people where you are likely to find like-minded individuals who are searching for a partner as intensely as you do.

Moreover, the better you fill in your choices and preferences the more the chances of you finding a match soon. Feeld provides a safe and secure environment for open-minded singles and couples and that too with legit profiles. The best thing about Feeld is that you can hunt both for a casual date as well as a serious relationship on the app. 

Feeld: Features

Feeld Review

We will now move on to the features of Feeld dating site in this Feeld Review.

Couples Can Create Combined Profiles

60 percent of the population at Feeld are couples and so the dating site has a feature wherein the couples can have a combined profile which further enables them to have a group chat. 

In the groups, they can discuss sexuality-related issues, their likes, dislikes, interests, hobbies, etc. A single person can enter a group chat if he or she is interested to be a part of a couple who is already having a combined chat.

The Chat Box

Feeld has a chat box that is completely free to use. However, a person only gets to avail of the chat feature when he or she has matched with another profile.

Furthermore, you can send and receive messages and get to know your partner even better. Also, you are free to send a 15-second short video to your match for impactful connectivity. 

The Search Filter

Well, this feature is quite common to several dating sites. The search filters allow you to narrow down your hunt for a partner. With the help of search filters, you can find partners based on location, religion, sexual orientation, hobbies, interests, etc.

Send Them Pings!

Feeld restricts its members to sending only 40 likes per day. However, if you want to let the other person know that you are interested in them or their profiles, you can send them pings. This is an efficient way to indicate to them your interest without any daily limit.

Fun Dating Facts

Feeld Review UK – PROS & CONS


  • No matter what your sexual orientation is, Feeld is going to keep that part of the information private and secure.
  • Verification of identities is the prime objective of the app. It helps in keeping the catfishers away.
  • The dating platform offers versatility in the kind of profiles that you get to acknowledge. 
  • Feeld has a satisfactory base of profiles.
  • Individuals on the Feeld app are open-minded and absolutely non-judgmental about you or your choices. 
  • The app welcomes more than 20 genders and sexual orientations wholeheartedly.
  • Singles can easily find a match and explore various people and profiles on a common platform. 
  • Feeld is open both for singles as well as couples willing to have a polygamous relationship and ethically non-monogamous relationships. 
  • The interface is simple and easy to understand. 


  • The app does not have a video chat feature.
  • Feeld is not available in the web version.
  • The platform is not very supportive of serious relations.
  • The concentration of male members on the app is comparatively higher than other gender identities. 
  • Some profiles were reported to be fake.
  • Feeld does not have a very high success rate in matching profiles.

Are There Any Quality Singles On Feeld?

Honestly speaking you can not entirely eliminate the fake profiles and scams from a dating site, however, the two-step identity verification process of Feeld results in it having most of the profiles of genuine users. 

The app has 60% of accounts created by couples to have polyamorous relationships and they are genuinely interested in finding a match.

Most of the singles are also genuine and trustworthy, but again, you can not blindly assume a dating site to be cent percent safe. 

How To Signup On Feeld?

Feeld Review
Feeld Review UK

One can quite conveniently register on Feeld from a mobile phone as well as a PC. Feeld is compatible to work with iOS and Android-based cell phones. All you need to do is install the app and begin the signup process.

Creating an account on the dating site and registering yourself as a user would not cost you any money. It is done for free. However, for identity verification, you are required to link your Feeld profile either with your email or your Facebook account.

Doing so ensures that a user is genuine and legit, else there are chances of several fake profiles getting accumulated on the dating app. To build up good shape, the first and foremost thing that you should be doing is selecting a profile picture to upload.

Up next, you have to move to the “About” section. Herein, try to be very accurate and precise about the information that you enter in the records. It is for this reason that your profile is going to be the first thing that a match notices about you, and you obviously want to look decent.


While signing up and creating an account on Feeld is free, you need to pay to avail the exclusive features of the app. Feeld is open to all. It never judges people in any aspect. Instead, it is a community that aims at enabling individuals to search for a like-minded partner.

Hope you found our Feeld Review UK helpful in getting all the information you need about this dating site. Thanks for reading!


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